Business Features of the OTRS Business Solution™ & OTRS Business Solution™ Managed


Business Features

Exclusive features for your professional usage of the OTRS help desk solution.
Business Features are pre-installed.
Your benefit: Work faster and more connected.


Calendar & Resource Management (StayOrganized) NEW

Keep an overview with the enhanced calendar function and better resource management! From the personal organization of pending tasks to team resource planning – with the new calendar function StayOrganized you can now have a detailed overview of your own appointments as well as the assignments of the whole team. Benefit from the innovative linkage between calendar entries and ticket appointments.

Configurate authorization groups and therefore specifically create team calendars for selected teams – thus making information and appointments available for all relevant agents at once.


Determine which agent has to fulfill which tasks and how much time it will require. Meetings, appointments and simple project planning are now all centrally mapped and visible for the whole department in OTRS.

Web Services (Ready2Adopt) NEW

Do you use other tools besides OTRS and would like to access information and data between them? Ready2Adopt helps you out thanks to the following web servicesdefinitions:

  • JIRA Connector
  • Bugzilla Connector
  • OTRS – OTRS Connector

Audio-Video-Contact (EasyConnect) NEW


Use a service based on WebRTC that establishes audio- visual contact via browser without switching devices.

A simple click-to-call button creates a faster way of making visual contact. Only one click in the browser and the customer is connected with the right contact person immediately and completely free of charge, without the usual service charges collected by service hotlines.


Process Templates (Ready2Adopt) NEW

A lot of processes in our daily work are standardized and recurring. So what better to deal with them than standardized process templates?

These help avoid mistakes and complete tasks much faster. The result can only be increased quality and efficiency! The following process templates are integrated in OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Business SolutionManaged:

  • Vacation requests
  • Room bookings
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Travel expenses
  • Release management
  • Complaints and returns

Notification Web View

  • Separate Notification View for working without using an email client.
  • Specific preferences for agents to define which notifications they want to receive.
  • A flexible creation of ticket notifications based on a variety of events e.g. creation of a ticket, change of ticket status or usage of Dynamic Fields.

The result: Inform agents and customers in an individual, automated and transparent way, on more than just one communication channel and raise your customer service to a new level.


SMS Notification System


  • Stay informed about the most important tickets via SMS – even with low network coverage and no access to internet.
  • React more quickly and more flexible during on-call duty or in emergency situations.

Perfect for:

  • On-call duty
  • Emergency & disaster management
  • Field service routing
  • Travel warnings and much more!

The result: Send work orders to the technical field crew directly to the mobile phone and flexibly and efficiently plan routes throughout the day.

Process Templates for Incidents, Orders and Applications for Leave

  • Process templates for incidents, orders and applications for leave.
  • Create your own business processes even faster and based on a proven basis with import-ready process templates.
  • Time-saving automation of ticket activities.
  • Comprehensive configuration options, that will also cover your future needs.

The result: Increase the productivity and efficiency of your company with clear and timesaving processes, that can be adapted to your company goals or structures at any time and without custom development.


Report Generator


  • Evaluate the performance of your customer services with more detail and accuracy.
  • Initiate measures for optimization even faster and more effective.
  • Create statistics more accurately and flexibly by using the dynamic preview.
  • Create meaningful PDF reports that combine your statistics and your assessment in an appealing OTRS design with just a few clicks.
  • Intuitive user guidance when creating new statistics.
  • Warnings in case of a corrupt statistics configuration.
  • Automated, regular generation and distribution via email.

The result: Keep track and act quickly and in advance: a major competitive advantage in every situation.


  • Fast and direct customer contact.
  • Answer multiple chat requests at the same time.
  • Save chat protocols audit-proof in a ticket.
  • Individual chat status “Available for Chat” and a notification to the customer in the customer portal if no agent is available for chat.
  • Structured chat requests via chat channels with authorizations
  • Adding other agents to chats as observer or participants.
  • Default integration into the OTRS customer portal.
  • Easy integration into any other website.

The result: More satisfied customers and a dynamic customer service system of the highest quality.


Contact with Data

  • Usage of an unlimited number of dynamic fields of the “Contact with Data” type.
  • Individual designing of customer entry templates (dynamic field).
  • Unlimited addition of contact data or extra address information to dynamic fields.

The result: Dynamic administration of customer groups means greater flexibility in your customer service.

Field Selection Dialog – Selection assistant pop-up for SLAs

  • Easier choice of the right SLAs with the display of additional information.
  • Direct your customers’ expectations effectively.
  • Prevent an overload of your service team.
  • Translation of pop-ups is possible.

The result: More satisfied customers and a motivated service team.

Set customers expecatations and have a motivated customer service team with the with the Selection assistant pop-up for SLAs of the OTRS Business Solution

Ticket Timeline View


  • Familiar Look&Feel means better acceptance on the part of your customer service staff.
  • Easier readability of complex tickets.
  • Direct and comfortable full-text display of articles.
  • Detailed metadata via mouse over.
  • Easy switching between current and other views.
  • Intelligent saving of the last view used.

The result: Faster answers to customer requests with greater acceptance on the part of your customer service staff.

Article Attachment Overview

  • All attachments of a ticket at one glance.
  • Audit-proof saving of documents.
  • Download all attachments as a zip file.

The result: A better overview and processing of attachments and documents in your customer service system.


Dynamic Field Database – Integration of external databases


  • Easy integration of ERP, CRM, Tracking or further ticket systems into OTRS.
  • External data is stored safely in the ticket.
  • Flexibility choosing which ticket type’s external data should be displayed.
  • Multiple filter and search functions.

The result: More freedom in integrating external systems means a better-integrated customer service.



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