December 2016

Dec 2016

Thank You for a Fantastic Year! That Was Our 2016 2016 was a fantastic year with many milestones in the history of our company, software and community. At the beginning of the year we opened our subsidiary in São Paulo, Brazil, with a well-attended event where we were able to welcome both existing customers and

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November 2016

Nov 2016

OTRS 5s – Obviously This’s Really Smart The extensive Patch Level Release OTRS 5s has been available since November 1st. It enhances both the OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Free with many exciting new features. One new feature of OTRS 5s is the StayOrganized” calendar, which enables standard calendar functions in OTRS Free 5s, such

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October 2016

Oct 2016

OTRS 5s – Obviously This’s Really Smart –Presenting Another Exciting Feature of the Patch Level Release OTRS 5s! Ready2Adopt – A simplified structure process templates & web services on demand Ready2Adopt offers a solid basis of import-ready process templates that are adaptable to your individual needs and that you can also use directly to deal with specific

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September 2016

Sep 2016

OTRS 5s – Obviously This’s Really Smart – We are proud to present two new OTRS 5s features! SecurityToolbox solid and sophisticated – features boosting your organization’s security & EasyConnect A state of the art features – based on WebRTC standard The SecurityToolbox is a Swiss army knife among the Features of the OTRS 5s:

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August 2016

Aug 2016

StayOrganized Cross-departmental overview & resource allocation For smooth planning and synergistic output The new OTRS calendar for OTRS Business Solution™ 5s and OTRS 5s Free – organize your appointments and resources directly in your OTRS! The new feature StayOrganized in OTRS 5s brings together proven standard calendar functions and resource planning while offering a detailed

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July 2016

Jul 2016

Improve Your E-Commerce Customer Service with OTRS Low prices, good product quality and a wide range of products in your web shop can be overshadowed by poor customer communication and it consequences. We believe that good customer service is crucial for the success of any company in the e-commerce sector. In our new operating scenario

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June 2016

Jun 2016

  Software News   Brand New OTRS Feature in OTRS 5 Patch Level 11 and OTRS::ITSM Module 5 Patch Level 11 and OTRS Time Accounting Patch Level 3 Available Today we released the new patch levels for OTRS 5, OTRS::ITSM Module 5 and OTRS Time Accounting. Besides some bug fixes and translations, we’ve included an

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May 2016

May 2016

  We’re Certified! Congratulations to the newly certified OTRS Administrators! Seize the chance now and have your OTRS knowledge certified as well. The benefits for you: With certification you can be seen as the expert you are It enhances your reputation as a specialist A certificate is a boost to your references And for your

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April 2016

Apr 2016

  Software News   Update Now: OTRS 5 Patch Level 9 and OTRS::ITSM Module 5 Patch Level 10 OTRS 5 Patch Level 9 comes with some bug fixes and additional translations. In addition, an issue while updating from older versions to OTRS::ITSM Module 5 Patch Level 9 has been fixed with the OTRS::ITSM Module 5

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March 2016

Mar 2016

  A Full House for Our Opening in Brazil   “Our opening speech in Brazil was more than fully booked.” This was the report of our Global Consulting Director Jens Bothe, who was also a speaker at the opening event of our new OTRS subsidiary in Sao Paulo. Visitors enjoyed presentations about the company and

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