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Providing service excellence at optimized costs are main differentiators to stand out competition in saturated markets. More than 170,000 organizations worldwide rely on OTRS to optimize their services, to increase their customers’ satisfaction and to reduce costs

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OTRS offers a comprehensive product portfolio. In addition to the professional solution OTRS Business Solution™, to be operated on the customer’s own IT infrastructure, an OTRS Business SolutionManaged is also available to customers, in which the software and the necessary IT infrastructure is provided and fully maintained by the OTRS Group.

Both solutions are based on the open source software OTRS Free, as is the ITIL® V3-compatible IT service management solution OTRS::ITSM.

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OTRS enables organizations of all different sizes to consolidate their services in an integrated solution, saving on costs and resources. OTRS is available in 38 languages. Globally, there are more than 170,000 productive OTRS systems.

OTRS Group

OTRS Group is the world’s leading provider of Open Source Help Desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. The group consists of OTRS AG and its five subsidiaries OTRS Inc. (USA), OTRS S.A. de C.V. (Mexico), OTRS Do Brasil Soluções Ltda. (Brazil), OTRS ASIA Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and OTRS Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong).

OTRS AG has been listed in the Basic Board at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2009.

Our Employees

A team of employees with expertise, motivation and passion …and where it applies its potential.

Business Model

The OTRS Group helps its customers to take a winning position in the world of digital customer relations. The OTRS products here help one to structure communication with internal and external customers so that it is efficient and audit-proof, and to thereby comprehensively optimize their service quality.

As the owner of the source code, the OTRS Group offers its software for free download to users around the world. Constant improvement of the software, its high degree of distribution, positive user experiences and the demand for support in the introduction and operation of the solutions that this creates, are the foundation of our generation of income.

The OTRS Business Solution™ product portfolio was developed for customers active in the field of business, and also includes a full-service version hosted by the OTRS Group in ISO-certified data centers as well as the on-premises solution.

The individual contract categories of the OTRS Business Solution™ include what we have found to be the important building blocks of advising, training, software development and support in operational use in various combinations and degrees of scope. However, the exclusive features (Business Features) that are not available in OTRS Free are what really make up the added value of the OTRS Business Solution™. They are the reason for its continued success and long-term customer loyalty.

Due to the great scalability, the continually occurring sales from the business field OTRS Business SolutionManaged promise the greatest possible profitability, in comparisons within the business fields. Their recurring character combined with the low cancellation rate furthermore offer a high degree of planning certainty regarding future revenue. The customer relationships are distinguished by comprehensive care throughout the life cycle of the solutions and the resulting confidence in the performance capability of the OTRS Group as service partner und trusted advisor.

For more than 12 years, OTRS has stood for customer orientation, innovation and the highest quality in technology and service.

Globally, the OTRS Group employs more than 80 people in 5 countries.


As of January 2015, the OTRS Group offers both the OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged, which are aimed at organizations that use OTRS in a business environment. With the goal of providing the professionally active user with a complete package for fast, uncomplicated and efficient IT service management, various contract levels were defined that include — in addition to comprehensive consulting services — a large number of exclusive features (Business Features). These are tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers and stand out thanks to their low operating costs and easy implementation.

The positive user experiences with OTRS Free and the confidence in the expertise of the OTRS Group open up the possibility to generate sales through the OTRS Business Solution™. Subject to an unterminated term, these contracts lead to annually or monthly recurring revenue streams.

The total sales of the OTRS Group thus consist predominantly of the partial sales generated from OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Business SolutionManaged.

The efforts of the last few years to increase the proportion of continually accruing sales in the overall sales of the OTRS Group is thus now bearing fruit.


With the founding of our branches we are following the global demand and international need for professional IT service management.

Wherever local partners cannot meet our requirements regarding service quality and customer orientation, we found our own branches, after comprehensive analysis, and offer our advice and services based upon German quality standards, in combination with intercultural competence and adapted to individual local circumstances on the spot.


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