Mission & Targets


Our mission is to develop the potential quality of digital communication for our customers and support the digital company and its management in the long-term.


New Business – Professional Services

The Digital Communication sector relies on organic growth of integrated business process management solutions, among other things. Our OTRS Business Solution™ is a major driver in making our software and services attractive to an even wider public. The next key step is the focus on Omni Channel Communication, which will change and expand our software and its field of applications considerably.

In addition, the international distribution is further developed through the foundation of branches at strategically important market junctions.

Open Source Solutions

In historical terms, our Open Source solutions represent an important foundation of our economic success. We want to preserve this through continual further development and improvement and also use it as a tool to increase our profile.

For this reason, we have invested in collaboration platforms such as GitHub and tranisfex in order to facilitate collaboration of the community and support the global distribution. In addition, we have connected the TravisCI test platform to the OTRS Account of the GitHub Source Code Management System in order to be able to test the OTRS Free code completely automatically within just a few minutes.


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