December 2013




Thank You for a Great Year 2013 – ((enjoy)) 2014 with OTRS

OTRS wished Happy New Year and efficient service Management in 2014

Dear valued customers and community members,

There are still many things we want to accomplish this year and in the future, but as the year winds down we want to take a look back at what we have achieved in 2013. 2013 has been a very successful year for OTRS Group: we have introduced two stable releases to the world, first OTRS 3.2 with a focus on Process Management and second OTRS 3.3 with a focus on reporting and automatization. We have also completed our cloudbased services for our Service Management software “Managed OTRS,“ which makes even non-IT businesses enjoy their service management and enables them to take full advantage of OTRS’ benefits. Last but not least, we are very happy about the abundance of new customers we earned in 2013, which reassures us that we have chosen the right course with our offering of services.

Therefore, we want to say a big and special THANK YOU to you, to our new, and to our loyal customers. You are our motivation to develop OTRS further. You have made 2013 so great and successful for us and we are excitedly looking forward to achieving more milestones together in 2014.

In this Spirit – ((enjoy)) 2014 with OTRS!!


Now Available: OTRS Help Desk 3.3.3 and OTRS::ITSM 3.3.3

Ho ho ho … The holidays are drawing nearer and we want to sweeten this pre-holiday period with more stable releases of OTRS Help Desk 3.3.3 and OTRS::ITSM 3.3.3, both of which are available today for download, as always, for free. Both versions offer an updated Chinese translation and a few bug fixes as well as an update of jsPlumb to version 1.5.4. In addition, we are also offering a new version of OTRS Help Desk 3.2.13 and the OTRS Appliance 1.0.3 for download and a new version of the OTRS iPhone App 1.1.1 can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes Store.

Read the Release Notes of OTRS Help Desk here
Read the Release Notes of OTRS::ITSM here
Download OTRS Help Desk 3.3.3 and OTRS::ITSM 3.3.3 now


OTRS Feature Add-On Spotlight: Customer Activity Widget

OTRS Feature Add-On Customer Activity Widget optimizes Customer Service

As a service organization, you might want to keep an eye on specific customers. This Feature Add-On allows an agent to define a list of relevant clients. The number of open, locked, and escalated tickets of these clients will be shown directly in a table in the dashboard view. By clicking on the numbers, you can quickly jump to the specific ticket.

Check out our Video about this OTRS Feature Add-On
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Watch our Recorded Webinar “Reporting with OTRS“

Our “Reporting with OTRS“ webinar, which took place on November 18, 2013, provided some comprehensive insights about the reporting feature and the new Management Board of OTRS Help Desk 3.3 and OTRS::ITSM 3.3. From ticket statistics, CMDB and Change statistics, to FAQ statistics, our OTRS expert Andreas Bender showed which parameters can be included and how to create automatically generated statistics every day. For the ones who could not take part, we recorded this webinar and it can be watched now on our website for free.

Watch the Webinar now


OTRS Administrator Trainings in USA and UK – Sign Up Before we Fill Up!

OTRS Administrator Training in Atlanta USA

This is the perfect chance for you or your subsidiary in the USA or the UK to start the new year perfectly trained in using the OTRS Help Desk software and the OTRS IT Service Management software. Starting with designing queues, user administration, and authority structures, and going through management of your service processes to Service Asset & Configuration Management (CMDB), our OTRS experts will show you more than one trick to install, configure, customize, and maintain your OTRS solution more efficiently.

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OTRS Administrator Training (Help Desk and OTRS::ITSM)
Date: January 13-17, 2014
Location: Dallas, Texas (USA)

OTRS Help Desk Administrator Training
Date: February 17-20, 2014
Location: London, United Kingdom

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Did You Know …?

We have a new website that is fresh, modern, clearly arranged, and includes many more beaches that signify the simplicity and relaxation you will experience with your Service Management when you use the OTRS Help Desk software and the OTRS IT-Service Management software.

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