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The OTRS E-Learning area will provide you with information and an archive of recorded OTRS webinars. In our video archive, you will find videos of several recorded OTRS webinars. Learn more about the different functions and features. Discover how OTRS can be used for particular business scenarios.

Most recent videos:

17 March, 2017: Optimized and efficient IT service management has to meet a variety of requirements. The entire company benefits from a modern concept that is adapted to the multiple and most different requirements. It is important to combine resources, know-how and technologies the best possible way and to represent the dependencies for standard tasks in processes…




01 November, 2016: The OTRS 5s brings functions that will make your daily work with OTRS even easier! Our developers have added a number of innovative technologies to the OTRS software for more extensive customer communication possibilities, predefined templates for processes and web services, a better overview of appointments, and a sophisticated bundle of security features





OTRS Business Solution™ Makes you mobile


November 12, 2015: At the end of October is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Then the OTRS Business Solution™ 5 is officially available! The new version offers with the new responsive design and an integrated SMS service the perfect prerequisites to use OTRS on mobile devices and from everywhere, especially for stand-by duty staff and…



Preview of OTRS 5


September 21, 2015: End of October finally the wait is over: OTRS 5 will officially be released! The new version offers next to the Responsive Design an integrated SMS service for a mobile usage while traveling. A more flexible notification backend and useful templates for predefined processes save time and prevent errors….



OTRS for Enterprise Customers

July 16, 2015: Have you ever wondered about how OTRS can support highly complex organizational structures and fulfill the special requirements of a company with many departmental branches? In this webinar, we will show you some features that are particularly useful in high availability environments and tailored to the high-quality needs of an enterprise sized company…




OTRS introduction made easy


May 28, 2015: There are lots of possibilities to get useful information about OTRS, its functionalities, service and support and tips and tricks for a smooth operation of the system. But often time is tight for a proper research on the internet. In this webinar, we show you, how the professional support as part of our OTRS Business Solution™…




Efficient and clear end customer service


April 16, 2015: In this webinar we want to show you how OTRS especially can speed up your final customer service. Get to know features of the OTRS Customer Portal that create on the one hand a more direct relationship with your customers, enable self-service and direct customer expectation as on the other hand will increase the…




Vulnerability Management with OTRS


March 19, 2015: A well-built vulnerability management facilitate considerably to identify and analyze, to treat and handle security breaches in your used or developed software. With the OTRS Process Management, OTRS software offers flexible possibilities to optimize your workflows





OTRS in action for facility management


February 19, 2015: OTRS is a highly versatile tool and usable in nearly every area and sector. In this webinar, we want to show you processes and typical scenarios managed with OTRS from Facility Management as a practical example. Learn how to use the functions of OTRS for this special operating scenario as well as similar business environments.




For those who want More! The OTRS Business Solution™


January 19, 2015: Equipped with lots of useful and exclusive features the new OTRS Business Solution™ is coming on January 19, 2015! Next to the advantages of the completely revised core of OTRS 4 – ultra-flat and faster than ever – the OTRS Business Solution™ offers everything you need for an optimized communication and improved service quality.




Successful onboarding with the OTRS process management


November 24, 2014: The OTRS Process Management offers a lot of different use cases, especially in a company with often repeating processes. In this webinar we will show you an instructive process, taking as an example the onboarding  of a new employee.





October 23, 2014: Discover now OTRS 4 and all the new features! In this webinar, we will show you the power of OTRS 4 and how its new features will speed up your work or make your usage more efficient for example with the new ticket attachment search and the templates for internal notes.

Customer Inquiries with OTRS


July 31, 2014: Especially in a call center there is a high amount of daily customer inquiries to handle with. To guarantee that the incoming requests can be answered as quickly as possible the staff should be supported by a helpdesk and IT service management software like OTRS.


Generic Interface of OTRS


June 26, 2014: On the basis of web services the Generic Interface (GI) of OTRS allows the easy and fast integration of 3rd party systems and other applications. This requires connectors whose function is to establish a connection between OTRS and a 3rd party application.




no doubts about the cloud


June 2, 2014: On Managed OTRS your agents get web-based access to your service desk, our engineers do the rest! We take care of installation, configuration, operation and administration under highest certified security standards: Low initial investment, predictable monthly expenses, fast implementation, no risk to fail and the guaranteed service by the OTRS experts make the difference.




Workflow with OTRS


April 17, 2014: Have you already wondered about how to create an intelligent and effective ticket workflow in OTRS? This webinar will show you some tips and examples for using the OTRS Feature Add-On Ticket Workflows.




Change Management with OTRS


December 9, 2013: In our webinar “Change Management with OTRS“ we show you examples of different change scenarios and how you can use the OTRS Change Management Feature most effectively.




Reporting with OTRS


November 18, 2013:  In our webinar “Reporting with OTRS“ we show you how to create reports in OTRS and how you can export them for using them in your presentations.




LDAP Integration with OTRS


October 14, 2013: One of the most frequently asked questions in the OTRS User Forum and in our Facebook Group is about the integration of an LDAP into OTRS. 




Process Management with OTRS


April 15, 2013: Take the next step in increasing the efficiency of your service management and automating your standard service processes. The new Process Management Module in OTRS 3.2 makes it easy to map and configure processes with the help of a neat graphical interface and agents as well as users are routed safely through the process by clear decision dialogues. This webinar shows the basic functions of this module and its manifold use cases.



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