OTRS as a Facility Management Ticket System

A field as diverse as Facility Management needs a flexible and extendable software to support different actions and workflows. However, the most important pivot is transparent and efficient communication with customers in case of incidents, as well as car pool and key management. The OTRS Business Solution™ as a Facility Management Ticket System offers a range of functionalities to structure tasks more effectively and support them with intelligent automatizations, increasing the quality of your services.


Your benefits:


  • No need for expensive and oversized industry sector software
  • Process design for maintenance and car pool management
  • Responsive Design for more mobility
  • Transparent processing of incidents
  • Service catalogue and SLAs
  • Database for customers and managed devices
  • Easy integration of SAP or CAD systems
  • Flexible extension with additional features
  • Specifically tailored to your needs by our experts
  • Also available as a fully managed cloud-based solution saving you the problem of IT




 OTRS is a mature software that completely fulfills almost all of our requirements. In addition, the high-quality service provided by the OTRS Group has saved us a lot of time and resources.”

Satisfied OTRS customer MAN

Markus Tratz, Project Manager


Lamps, doors and heaters as CIs in the OTRS Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The OTRS Business Solution™ as a Facility Management Ticket System enhances your field of work with a powerful database, in which all equipment, machines and inventories being managed are listed as Configuration Items (CIs) and can be extended with detailed information such as type, serial number, spare parts, maintenance date and more. It is also possible to create CI groups, for example lamps, heaters or doors, for better structuring. If an incident is reported by the customer, the extensive search function helps to identify the corresponding equipment, which can be linked to the ticket with a single click. Adaptable states offer you a perfect overview of which items are out of order or in maintenance mode. Thanks to a flexible role concept, you can establish complex permission structures with OTRS, which can also be used for key management.


Efficient car pool management with OTRS Process Management


With the OTRS Business Solution™ as your Facility Management Ticket System you can take your car pool management to another level by simplifying the ordering of new or rental cars or structuring the repair process, using the OTRS Process Management and adaptable forms with fields such as “Vehicle Type” or “Configuration”. Automatic notifications to external service providers or the customer reduce employees’ workload and prevent process errors or the omission of important process steps. In the OTRS Configuration Management Database (CMBD) you can also see which vehicles are being used by whom and which are at the garage for repairs. You can also remind yourself of repairs due or maintenance appointments with the “Pending Reminder” feature.





Mobile Facility Management with the Chat, Responsive Design and SMS Notification System


The OTRS Business Solution™ and the new features enable you to look into and solve incidents while on the road, whether it’s further technical inquiries for a specific problem or the closing of a ticket on the spot after fixing an issue and documenting it. Thanks to an adaptable queue structure that you can also use to map postcode areas, you can also plan your repairing route according to the queue tickets are being created in at that particular time. The OTRS Business Solution™ Features allows you to act more flexibly and therefore more efficiently.




Transparent and audit-proof documentation of communication with colleagues, customers and external service providers


Use the OTRS Business Solution™ as a shared message inbox with your colleagues, where every team member can read and answer customer requests – even if you are on holiday. Thanks to the unique and identifiable ticket number, every follow-up message is assigned to the appropriate ticket and stored in a clear and audit-proof way. Work on the solution of incidents together with your team members by exchanging internal notifications, assigning the ticket to an external service provider, or splitting it into subtasks for others. Additionally, you can use the freely selectable feature “Ticket Allocation” in case of a huge volume of customer requests to automatically assign incidents to colleagues with the correct resources or competencies. Make your internal and external communication processes more transparent by using OTRS as your Facility Management ticket system.


Excellent customer service with customer databases, surveys and time quota accounting


Manage multiple customer companies and their associated customer company users efficiently using the OTRS Customer Information Center to assign the corresponding equipment and building to each one. With the freely selectable feature “VIP Customer” you can mark very important customers to attend to their requests with the highest priority. When on the road you can record your work time directly in the ticket and manage your customers’ different time quotas with the freely selectable feature “Time Accounting Quota”, which includes the assignment of invoice numbers. Collect valuable feedback on customer satisfaction by automatically sending a survey to them after their ticket has been closed successfully. Make your Facility Management more customer-focused with the OTRS Business Solution™ as your Facility Management ticket system.



Offer different services and meet their SLAs


Offer a wide-ranged service portfolio to your customers without any problems and make it easy for them to assign their incidents to the right service within the OTRS Customer Portal by using the freely selectable feature “Customer Specific Services”, which only displays the services that a customer has a contract for. Additionally, you can define different SLAs for each service. A sophisticated escalation management system warns you automatically and in time if an SLA breach is about to occur. Thanks to a distinctive color scheme, the priority of an incident can be noticed quickly and work can thus be planned accordingly for SLAs to be met. Guide your customers’ expectations effectively by using the integrated business feature “Field Selection Dialogue” to inform your customers about the SLA of the chosen service or to indicate the incorrect choice of a service. Its flexible usage is without a doubt the greatest strength of the OTRS Business Solution™ when used as Facility Management Ticket System.


Maintenance made easy with OTRS Change Management and Ticket Workflows


With the Facility Management Ticket System OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Change Management Feature you can plan your maintenance processes and repair cycles on time and with logical subtasks. You can pick either a starting date or a finishing date and the corresponding subtasks will be automatically subdivided onto the time span. You can also assign different employees for every subtask, and thanks to a clear color scheme you will always be up to date on the status of the maintenance process. With the freely selectable feature “Ticket Workflow” you can also define workflows for other interdependent tasks separately from equipment maintenance.



Integration of external systems such as CAD or SAP


Use the OTRS Business Solution™ as your facility management ticket system and you will benefit from many possible integrations. These range from the visualization and storage of data from external databases such as serial numbers or room numbers through the integrated business feature “Dynamic Field Database”, to the complete integration of CAD or ERP systems or the SAP Solution Manager using webservices based on HTTPS REST or SOAP with the OTRS Generic Interface. Broaden your horizons with OTRS and manage your business processes more efficiently even in the most diverse IT scenarios.


Ready to bring your Facility Management with OTRS to the next level?


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