OTRS as an HR Management Tool

Today’s HR departments see themselves as service providers for their company’s management and teams. However, the expertise and services of any HR department are crucial at a much earlier stage, namely during the recruiting of new employees and the onboarding process. In this sense, transparent internal and external communication together with perfect documentation and audit-proof storage are fundamental. Popular HR Management tools tend to be insufficiently service-oriented and are expensive. The OTRS Business Solution™ helps HR departments professionalize their applicant management process effectively and at a much lower cost, providing continual support in all areas of employee management, such as the handling of sick notes and requests for leave.


Your benefits:


  • No need to use expensive industry sector software
  • Pre-designed processes for sick notes and requests for leave
  • Audit-proof storage of documents and correspondence
  • Valuable statistics about applications and remaining days off
  • Flexible extension with additional features
  • Specifically tailored to your needs by our experts
  • Also available as a fully managed cloud-based solution saving you the problem of IT
  • More transparent communication in the HR team and also with other departments




OTRS stands out due to outstanding functionality, usability and the low costs. We could implement OTRS after a short project phase and could use it productively very quickly. The Managed Service module convinced us, because a safe operation at low fixed costs is guaranteed. With the help of the OTRS Consulting Service changes and new functionalities could be implemented very flexibly.”

Satisfied OTRS customer Feldschloesschen

Silvan Müller, Director HR Services




Fast and professional: Responding with individually-designed response templates


Save valuable time when responding to applicants’ requests. Create your own response templates with the OTRS Business Solution™ to communicate more efficiently with your applicants, and enhance your “positive response” template with an attachment, for example a link to your office. Thanks to a standard confirmation email automatically sent by the system, your applicants know that their application has been received – without any additional work for your team.


Ticket Timeline View: The perfect overview of the applicant communication process


Put an end to nerve-racking searches in your email inbox or outbox! With a unique and identifiable ticket number, every incoming and outgoing follow-up message in OTRS is collected and saved as an article in the corresponding ticket. With the Ticket Timeline View inspired by Facebook, you will have a clear overview of even the longest conversations, as outgoing and incoming emails are shown separately on the left and right sides. You can also stay in touch proactively with interesting applicants with the “Pending Reminder” feature. Get an HR management tool with an overview of absolutely everything – With the OTRS Business Solution™.




The queue as a shared department inbox


Never miss an application that got lost in the inbox of an absent colleague. Thanks to the queue concept in OTRS, applicants’ requests are routed directly to the HR department when sent to a previously-defined email address. It is also possible to create several queues, for example for specific job profiles. As every member of the HR team is assigned to the queue, everyone can screen the incoming applications and respond to the applicant. A specific authorization concept offers read and write restrictions if necessary. As internal notifications can be added and the employees responsible (owners) can be assigned flexibly, the whole team can work efficiently on the ticket and it can be routed through the whole department. An HR management tool that offers full transparency – The OTRS Business Solution™.


Pre-designed onboarding process for new employees


When an applicant is brought in as a new employee, several processes need to be started; from providing and configuring his or her working equipment to ordering a new company car. With the pre-designed onboarding process, created with the OTRS process management module, no step is forgotten, and every relevant department is either involved or informed; from the supervisor, who defines which equipment the new employee should get, to the configuration of his or her laptop by the IT department, or the reservation of a company car by the office team and the purchase of a new company mobile by the purchasing department. An HR management tool with organizing capabilities – The OTRS Business Solution™.



Be interactively available for your employees via chat


Be more in touch with your employees by using the chat feature of the OTRS Business Solution™. Have more than one chat conversation at a time and save the chat protocol audit-proof in the ticket or create a new ticket from it. Not available for a chat? No problem! The “Not available for chat” featurealso guarantees you your privacy when you need to finish other tasks. OTRS offers you a truly interactive HR management tool.


Process templates for managing sick notes


Make it easy for your employees to submit sick notes or medical certificates and take a load off your HR team by managing those documents and the resulting days lost in strict accordance with data privacy rules. From pre-defined forms to be filled out by the sick employee or the out-of-office feature signalizing that the colleague is not available, tothe binding acknowledgement of the supervisor at the push of a button, the OTRS Business Solution™ helps you manage sick notes effectively as an HR management tool.




Process templates for managing requests for leave


Administer your employees’ applications for leave without any gaps, from recording the correct date and appointing a replacement, to theapproval by the supervisor and the automatic notification of the employee. Inform your employees directly and automatically in this step about their remaining days off or subtract them from a time quota. Avoid misunderstandings and process errors and the satisfaction level of your employees will increase.



Real-time statistics on incoming applications and remaining days off


Always be up-to-date on the current number of incoming applications or your employees’ remaining days off. Pre-configured statistics can be displayed on the dashboard of your OTRS Business Solution™ with different types of diagrams, or you can receive automatically-generated reports as CSV every morning. Make sure that your HR department responds quickly to applicants’ requests by analyzing the response time of your team and leave your applicants with a positive impression.




Your success begins with better communication