Optimal End Customer Service with OTRS as Your Customer Service Software

In a market where competition grows fiercer every day and where the actual differences in services from competing providers are often negligible, satisfied end customers whose needs are met in record time can be the defining feature that sets you apart from the crowd. The ideal customer service software has to be easy to use and access by the end customer, and efficient and resource-saving for you and your employees. OTRS as your customer service software meets all of these challenges and can be adapted seamlessly to your work processes. In addition, the lack of licensing costs and the fact that with our cloud-based version you don’t need internal IT know-how or services allows you to significantly reduce costs without compromising quality.


Your benefits:


  • High-performance solution for a large number of simultaneously logged-in agents
  • Transparent handling of incoming customer requests via email, phone and chat
  • CTI integration
  • Knowledge Database and Customer Self Service Portal
  • Customer Survey Feature
  • Sophisticated Reporting Feature
  • Specifically tailored to your needs by our experts
  • Flexible extendibility with additional features
  • Also available as a fully managed cloud-based solution saving you the problem of IT




We want to answer requests very quickly and individually to emphasize the personal character, because only satisfied guests come to our restaurants again and tell other guests that it is tasty and good to eat at KFC’s.”

OTRS Customer KFC

Ulrike Wiegert, Senior Brand Manager at KFC


Reduce follow-up calls and create a coherent structure for customer inquiries with the OTRS Customer Self Service Portal


Create a place for your end customers where they feel that their inquiries are receiving the attention they deserve. The OTRS Customer Self Service Portal allows your customers to not only send in inquiries 24/7 in a structured and efficient way, but also to check on the status of their inquiries at any time. This shows your customers that their issue is being dealt with professionally and reduces their need to make follow-up calls, which in turn allows your customer service team to deliver a solution as fast as possible without having to answer the same questions again and again. In cases where your client-company has multiple end customers of its own (typical for scenarios such as external IT support, business clients in the telecommunications area, or the tenants of a building in the property management or power generation industries) the “Company Tickets” function gives final users information about the inquiries made by colleagues or other tenants, for example. This stops multiple parallel inquiries being made about the same problem. With the additional, freely selectable feature “Ticket Forms” it is possible to adapt ticket-creation forms in the Customer Service Portal to your industry or specific scenarios, from complaints about damaged products or a faulty phone connection to assistance with software installation or furniture assembly. OTRS as your customer service software keeps you flexible and independent.


Guide your customers and direct their expectations effectively


A company’s services and their structure can often be confusing for its end users, especially when they are trying to find the right category for a problem or inquiry. With the OTRS Business Solution™ as your customer service software and the integrated “Field Selection Dialog” feature, customers in the Self Service Portal will see a pop-up whenever they click on a service. You can use this function, for example, to show them the estimated processing time as per the corresponding service-level agreement (SLA), or inform them of the selection of an incorrect service. Moreover, the additional, freely selectable feature “Customer Specific Services” allows you to assign the corresponding services to a customer the moment the contract starts. If the customer then creates an inquiry on the OTRS Customer Portal, only the right services for the contract are displayed, thus avoiding misunderstandings or the entering of incorrect data. If you don’t want to bother your final customer with the structure of your services, but you still want to make life easier for your customer service team, then the additional, freely selectable feature “Services Categories” is the right choice. This feature makes it possible to assign your services to specific ticket types. For example, the ticket type “Complaint” can be linked to the services “Product Pickup Free of Charge” and “Credit Note for Total Amount”. Thus, multiple workflows can be triggered at the same time.




Customer self-help with the OTRS information database


An effective and speedy way to help both your end users and your customer service staff is to collect already known solutions to repetitive problems in a database and make them available for reference. OTRS as your customer service software has it covered with the free FAQ Module that creates a website with informative articles that can be fully accessed by both agents in the Agent Interface and customers logged into the OTRS Customer Portal. The articles can range from help with return procedures or resetting a password to complete user manuals available for download. Customer service agents can create articles at any time based on the ticket process, add tags and assign the article to a category, as well as have it checked and approved by other authorized team members. Then, for example, when working on a ticket, the FAQ article can simply be attached to provide the customer with the necessary information. In addition, customers who are logged into the OTRS Customer Portal can find informative articles in the FAQ area with a wildcard search and then rate the articles according to their usefulness. Save time and resources and increase customer satisfaction with the OTRS FAQ-Module.




Chat, SMS, telephone & social media – Manifold contact and integration possibilities through the OTRS Generic Interface


Offer your customers the comfort of contacting you through their media of choice and benefit from a system where all inquiries are collected and can be worked on transparently. With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the integrated Chat feature you can spare your customers the wait on a hotline and simultaneously provide assistance more rapidly in the OTRS Customer Portal. Agents can use the “Available for Chat” function to decide for themselves whether they are available to chat (with the possibility of multiple chats at the same time) or whether an important inquiry deserves their undivided attention. After the chat the agent can then turn the transcript into a new ticket or attach it as an article to an already existing ticket. This way, both the customer and any relevant colleagues are kept up to date. The OTRS Business Solution™ integrated function “Dynamic Field Database” enables the visualization, storing and updating of external database content – e.g. product numbers from ERP – directly on the ticket. In addition, the OTRS Generic Interface makes it possible to connect via web services to third-party applications such as social media or SMS services through SOAP and REST protocols. Moreover, the predesigned OTRS MobyDick Connector lets you connect to the Asterisk-based telephone system MobyDick. Thus, customers can be immediately identified when calling, activating the OTRS Customer Information Center or directly opening a new ticket. With OTRS, your end customer services are fully integrated at all times.


A clear and transparent overview of incoming customer inquiries with the OTRS Agent Interface and the OTRS Customer Information Center


The worst thing that can happen in customer services is for an inquiry to be lost or forgotten —a situation that can shake the foundations of even the best customer relationship. That’s why it’s essential to have a clear overview. OTRS used as a customer service software collects – similarly to a shared inbox – absolutely all customer inquiries as tickets in a system, each one filed into its corresponding queue. The queues can correspond to different teams or departments, or even different offices of the service company that can use their own e-mail addresses to establish contact. Depending on their assignment to different groups and queues, service agents have varying degrees of permission to view or work on inquiries. In most cases, however, all members of a service department are authorized to work on all incoming customer inquiries, and to view the status and prior communication of any ticket in case a colleague is sick or away. In the Agent Interface Dashboard, all open, new, escalated and pending tickets are displayed individually and can be filtered and reorganized by drag and drop as desirable. With the integrated Ticket Timeline View the OTRS Business Solution™  shows the complete communication history of each ticket clearly and in a way similar to Facebook’s history function. In the OTRS Customer Information Center, i.e. the system’s customer database, the service agent can see at a glance which tickets of a user or an entire client company have to be worked on, making it possible to inform the end customer competently or locate problems affecting a whole client company. If the contact data in the OTRS Customer Information Center are insufficient, the OTRS Business Solution™ function “Contact with Data” can be used to store additional customer information, such as additional billing details or alternative shipping addresses, directly in the ticket.



Deal with customer inquiries quickly with response templates, automatization and workflows


OTRS as a customer service software not only allows end customer service employees to answer inquiries faster, but also more comfortable. Its response templates, addresses and signatures – all individually configurable in an WYSIWYG editor – enable each department to answer standard inquiries such as requests for a new password, product returns or service problems effortlessly, in tune with their corporate design and according to each case. In addition, with automatic responses, you can automatically send customers a confirmation that their inquiry is being processed or even a general troubleshooting guide as an attachment. All of your brochures are directly managed in OTRS as attachments. With the additional, freely selectable feature “State preselection based on Response Template”, the response template for an inquiry is automatically selected according to the status set by the service agent, making the process even faster. In addition, OTRS offers a wide range of automatization functions, such as the Ticket Bulk feature for closing or answering multiple tickets simultaneously with one click, or the Master-Slave function, which applies changes to a master ticket to its corresponding slave tickets automatically. The OTRS Generic Agent, however, takes automatization with OTRS to the next level, for example by allowing automatic notifications to be sent to agents and clients or tickets to be changed from one queue to another. Together with OTRS Process Management you can thus design complete and highly complex company processes in the Canvas interface and put them to work. In this case, process templates such as an ordering process, a fault tree or a vulnerability management process are used as a basis and adapted to the company’s individual structure. Furthermore, the additional, freely selectable feature “Ticket Workflow” enables the creation of simple, linear workflows to route tickets through a series of departments.


Individually-adjustable product databases and optimal adherence to service times with OTRS Configuration Management Database and Service Level Management


Unlike other IT service management systems, OTRS is so flexible it can be used in any type of industry. One of the secrets behind this flexibility is the adaptability of its Configuration Management Database (CMDB). In IT service management it is used mainly to list all hardware and software as configuration items (CIs), but in other areas these CIs can just as well be televisions, replacement parts, phone connections, water heaters, hotel rooms, you name it. Plus, with the additional, freely selectable feature “CIs in Customer Frontend”, these CIs can also be assigned to end customers and shown to them when they are logged into the OTRS Customer Portal and a ticket is created. With OTRS, adherence to service-level agreements is always guaranteed, be it through minor functions such as the pending ticket feature, or advanced escalation management tools dependent on services or queues. It is thus possible to enter predetermined reaction, update and solution times, which show the service agent how much time is left and warn him or her when there is a danger of getting behind schedule. Color coding and notifications can also be used to grab an agent’s attention so a rapid solution can be found for tickets that have already escalated. Furthermore, the additional, freely selectable feature “Advanced Escalations” provides even greater flexibility by allowing escalations to be stopped and reactivated at a later point in time. When OTRS is your customer service software tickets are always dealt with in a timely fashion and you can manage your product portfolio and SLAs in one place.



Measure customer satisfaction and the quality of your service with the Survey Module and integrated statistics


Clear and relevant reporting on customer satisfaction is a surefire way to improve the quality of your service. With its Survey Module, OTRS offers the possibility of obtaining customer feedback immediately after a service has been provided. For every queue, a survey can be created that is sent automatically to the customer after the ticket has been closed. The results are then displayed clearly in a bar chart and help you increase customer satisfaction continuously or react in case of negative feedback. In addition, the integrated statistics feature gives you a daily summary of the number of tickets in the system or in a specific queue, as well as information on how many tickets have been closed successfully or unsuccessfully. Create your own statistics profiles and have them displayed on your Dashboard in order to recognize new trends and nip any problems in the bud.

Make customers happy with OTRS


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