Document Workflow Management with OTRS – Smooth and Audit-Proof

Ever increasing volumes of data require that companies find efficient solutions for processing, coordinating, releasing and documenting all this information. However, document management is not an end in itself and should always be subordinate to the associated workflows. Be it law firms, government offices, insurance companies or the marketing and sales departments of any company in any branch: they all require a high degree of transparency in the coordination and approval of documents, as well as a system for collecting and storing data that is audit-proof and clearly understandable. OTRS used as a document workflow management software makes it possible to organize these processes in perfect harmony and can be tuned exactly to your needs.


Your benefits:


  • Transparent and fast coordination, approval and sending of documents via email, phone, and chat
  • Predesigned processes and workflows
  • Structured and defined capturing of data and documents with the OTRS Customer Portal
  • Clear interface to work on document requests
  • Meet deadlines with escalations and the pending reminder feature
  • Seamless email integration
  • Integrated database with overview of document’s versions
  • Specifically tailored to your needs by our experts
  • Flexible extension with additional features
  • Also available as a fully managed cloud-based solution saving you IT resources




Structured data input and distribution 24/7 with the OTRS Customer Portal


The first step for creating efficient and trouble-free processes is a structured and crystal-clear data collection system. With the OTRS Customer Portal – integrated into OTRS – you can retrieve the information you need for creating documents using configurable fields or enable your users to upload documents directly. The reception and distribution of requests, contracts or inquiries is thus not only faster and more precise, but can also take place 24/7 whether your offices are open or not. Naturally, documents and information can also be received by email, fax, SMS, or by an employee over the phone who can easily enter the data into a ticket. No matter how data reaches you, it will always be collected by the system and made visible to all employees with the corresponding permissions for further processing. Furthermore, the additional, freely selectable Feature “Ticket Forms” allows you to adapt the ticket masks for data collection individually to your needs, both in the OTRS Customer Portal and the Agent Interface. OTRS is the document workflow management software that adapts to you and not the other way around.


Audit-proof and transparent communication and version control when approving, modifying and processing documents


With OTRS as your document workflow management software, you will always have an overview of approval and coordination processes and can work on documents as a team and save versions in an audit-proof way. All information or documents received by OTRS are clearly identified with a ticket number that stays the same over the course of any subsequent communication. Thus, any further messages are stored as additional articles in the tickets and can be clearly viewed by other colleagues. The Note or Ticket-Split functions allow you to work on tickets together with other colleagues at the same time, or separately and in parallel, documenting everybody’s feedback throughout the process. Upload new versions of your documents and coordinate any changes transparently with your team. The advantage is that every employee of the department or workgroup to which the specific OTRS queue is assigned will be automatically informed of changes via email and will be able to access the latest version of any document. In addition, with just one click you can see the Ticket History and thus all versions of a document. Contrary to the less sophisticated email system, a ticket cannot be deleted and is always saved – audit-proof and in all its versions – even after successful processing, to be accessed at any time.





Clear workflows and automated processes for faster document management


Clear processes are essential for fast and trouble-free document processing. OTRS Process Management allows you to design highly complex business processes yourself in the Canvas interface or to adapt the predesigned OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Business SolutionManaged process templates to the case in point, for example for informing about a document error or for the release or modification of a document. Documents are thus sent automatically to the right people at each stage of the process together with an email request for their revision or approval. A simple click on yes or no is binding, just like a signature, and any rejections or proposed modifications must always be documented. The automatic repetition of the approval process until the document’s final release provides added quality assurance and makes sure your employees can focus on the job at hand. Furthermore, the additional, freely selectable Feature “Ticket Workflow” allows you to map out simple and linear work processes. Benefit from the versatility of OTRS as a document workflow management software.




A comprehensive overview of all documents, processes and tickets with the Article Attachment Overview and the OTRS Dashboard


As a document workflow management software, OTRS offers you a comprehensive overview of your tickets and their attached documents. With the integrated OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Business SolutionManaged Feature “Article Attachment Overview” you can display and access all the attached documents of a ticket in a separate overview, as well as search for attached documents and directly open the articles where they were saved. In addition, the integrated OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Business SolutionManaged Feature “Ticket Timeline View”, inspired by Facebook, offers you a chronological overview of all articles of a ticket organized according to the date of each incoming or outgoing message, a feature that is especially useful in the case of longer exchanges. Furthermore, in the Dashboard of the OTRS Agent Interface, all new, open, pending and escalated tickets, as well as process-tickets, are displayed in widgets that can be flexibly organized and filtered by drag and drop.


Clear responsibilities with the owner and responsibility function and comprehensive permissions management


No more unclear responsibilities with OTRS. Each ticket that has to be processed is assigned to an owner and/or employee responsible, who can also be changed if necessary. This not only makes it crystal-clear who is responsible for each ticket but also enables an efficient substitute function when an employee is sick or on vacation. As each employee of the department (queue) is informed of new inquiries or updates to other tickets, the fact that an employee is out of the office is never an obstacle for other colleagues to work on a ticket, and forgotten inquiries in personal email inboxes are thus a thing of the past. In addition, the Out-Of-Office function shows when a colleague is away, ensuring that e.g. no new tickets are assigned to that person until their return. The integrated and comprehensive permissions system makes it possible to manage through roles and groups exactly which employees have read or write access to which queues and tickets. It is also possible to create detailed access control lists so that certain options and fields in ticket masks and views are not available to everybody. Furthermore, the additional, freely selectable Feature “Restrict Customer Data View” provides additional possibilities for restricting agents’ access to customer data. As a document workflow management software, there is no safer choice than OTRS.



Never miss a deadline again with OTRS Service Level Management and the Pending Reminder function


OTRS as a document workflow management software helps you to never miss a deadline. With the system of escalations – set up independently of services or queues – you can define fixed response, update and solution times, e.g. in order to create a precise schedule for document processing. If a defined service level agreement (SLA) is in danger of being breached, the system sends out an automatic warning message via email. In the ticket, the time remaining until each deadline is shown transparently and color-coded as a further precaution against possible SLA breach. In order to make working with escalations even more flexible, we recommend the additional, freely selectable Features “Escalation Suspend”and “Advanced Escalation”. These make it possible for escalations to be stopped completely, e.g. if a project is canceled, or paused and restarted, e.g. when waiting for feedback. In addition, the integrated Pending Reminder function helps plan tasks independently of Service Level Management.


Structured storage of documents and data in different versions in the CMDB


Store your documents and data in a place where they can be further processed and accessed for communication purposes. OTRS’s integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) provides you with a central database for storing your information and data and enables you to group items by topic or give them different statuses. For each item creation or modification, both the time and the corresponding user are recorded and attachments can be uploaded and version information entered. Once stored, these documents and data become Configuration Items (CIs) and can be linked to either services or tickets. This way it is always absolutely clear which document is being referred to in the case of change requests or approval processes. In addition, the comprehensive search option helps you find any document without hassle, making your document workflow management even more efficient.



Tailored to your needs


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