OTRS – The Customer Support Software for Call Centers

Call centers are under constant pressure to deliver fast and professional customer support to a high number of customers every day. Incoming customer requests need to be answered as quickly as possible, and the staff should be able to operate at full capacity without being overburdened. This can be achieved without purchasing any expensive industry software by using a customer support software such as OTRS. The OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged  support you with many additional, freely selectable features to improve the quality of your customer service and to reduce your costs immediately.


Your benefits:


  • High-performance solution for a large number of simultaneously logged-in agents
  • Specifically tailored to your needs by our experts
  • No need for expensive and oversized industry-sector software
  • Automatic distribution of incoming requests to agents according to their capacities
  • Transparent handling of incoming customer requests via email, phone and chat
  • Sophisticated reporting features
  • Customer time-quota accounting feature
  • Flexible extendibility with additional features
  • CTI integration
  • Also available as a fully managed cloud-based solution saving you the problem of IT





Transparent and centralized processing of customer requests – Also in teams


As a customer support software, OTRS works as a central system that collects customer requests in one place and directs them into queues. Queues can be visualized as shared email inboxes of teams or departments that can also be assigned their own email addresses. As all incoming customer requests via email, phone, SMS, etc., get a unique and identifiable ticket number, all follow-up messages are assigned to the right ticket as a single article and stored audit-proof. You will also gain more transparency, as all service desk agents that are assigned to one or more queues can see and directly work on incoming customer requests. If a colleague is sick and the customer makes a follow-up call, his or her replacement can view all prior communication and competently inform the customer about the status of his or her request or continue working on it. Inspired by Facebook, the Ticket Timeline View, an integrated feature of the OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Business SolutionManaged, provides a better overview of ticket articles, especially with longer threads, and ensures a high acceptance level from service desk agents due to its familiar look and feel. Thanks to the “internal note” function, customer requests can also be discussed and solved in a team, or divided and shared with other teams using the “split” function. The phone ticket mask helps your agents make important notes related to customer calls, and the “pending reminder” option ensures you make all of your follow-up calls on time.


Fast and interactive customer service with the customer chat feature


Offer an interactive and therefore faster customer service with the customer chat feature of the OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged. Have multiple chat conversations at the same time and store the chat protocol audit-proof in the ticket or create a new one out of it. Not available to chat? No problem. The “Not available for chat” option guarantees your privacy when you need to finish other tasks. The OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged offer you an interactive customer support software.





Help your service agents operate at full capacity – With Ticket Allocation


Ensure that incoming service requests are assigned automatically to service desk agents of one team that have the most resources or the best knowledge to answer them. The customer support software OTRS offers with the OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged packages the freely selectable Feature “Ticket Allocation”, developed especially for call centers to distribute customer requests with the highest efficiency to service desk agents without overloading them. It enables you to define, for example, if you want to assign all newly incoming tickets or just the ones that have a reminder or an escalation coming up, as well as the maximum number of tickets to be assigned to a service desk agent. You can also define competency groups, for example of agents that are especially efficient, so that they receive the high-priority customer requests, or eventually only very technical 2nd-Level-Support issues.




Manage and bill customers’ time quotas effectively – With Time Accounting Quota


Call centers often work for many clients or charge for their services based on the working time, and the freely selectable Feature “Time Accounting Quota” turns the customer support software OTRS into the perfect solution for recording and billing customer time quotas. With this feature, service desk agents can record the time they worked on a customer request directly in the ticket. Then, in the OTRS Customer Information Center you can define the time units of the time quota that has been agreed upon with the client, as well as an invoice number. The Time Accounting Quota feature will now simply subtract the working time from the time quota. The current state of the quota can be checked by the client via the OTRS Customer Portal and by the agent via the Customer Information Center. The result: increased transparency and comprehensible accounting with less effort.


Versatile CTI integration via MobyDick OTRS Connector or OTRS Generic Interface


Save costs and resources when integrating OTRS with your CTI. With the MobyDick OTRS Connector, the OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged offer a ready-to-use solution in order to integrate the Voice-over-IP phone system MobyDick (based on Asterisk but with a more intuitive user interface) by our technology partner Pascom. With the MobyDick OTRS Connector you can not only have a clearly arranged phone list and start a call directly from the OTRS Customer Information Center, you can also configure both systems when using the MobyDick interface so that an incoming call automatically opens a new ticket or opens the corresponding customer entry directly in the OTRS Customer Information Center. This enables the service desk agent to know in just a few seconds which customer is calling and which tickets are open. If you need to integrate your own phone system, the OTRS Generic Interface offers many integration possibilities via web services based on HTTPS::REST or SOAP – and not only in the area of CTI. OTRS also offers connectors to the SAP Solution Manager, baramundi and BMC Remedy. If you need to view, store and update data from external databases such as CRM or other ticket systems in a ticket of the customer support software, then the Dynamic Field Database feature, an integrated feature of the OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged, is the best and most cost-effective choice.



All eyes on the customer – With the OTRS Customer Information Center, the Customer Activity Widget and Dynamic Sender Addresses


OTRS provides you with an integrated customer database called the “OTRS Customer Information Center”, where you can not only store all information about customer companies but also assign several customer users to one customer company. The OTRS Customer Information Center shows you at a glance which tickets of a customer company and its users are open, new, escalated or have a pending reminder running, and displays the total numbers in a separate widget. Additionally, it is possible to create email or phone tickets directly in the OTRS Customer Information Center. When a customer calls, service desk agents can inform him or her on the spot about the status of his or her tickets. With the additional, freely selectable Features “VIP Customer” and “Customer Activity Widget” you can focus on very important customers, first because they are marked with a red button that you can’t possibly miss when working on the ticket, and second because it enables you to define for which customers you want to have an overview of new or escalated tickets. With the OTRS Free Feature “Survey”, you can check your customers’ satisfaction level regularly as with every closed ticket a survey notification is sent to the customer automatically, where he or she can rate your service. Do you need to use the same email address when working on customer requests on a client or contractor’s behalf? No problem! – Just use the additional, freely selectable Feature “Dynamic Sender Address”. It enables you to use different sender addresses independently from the ones that are defined for your queues. OTRS is a customer support software with features that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Always have an overview and meet strict SLAs, no matter how many services


Call centers often have to provide customer services for a huge range of services their clients or contractors offer, and sometimes it’s hard to have a clear overview. Make it easy for service agents and customers to choose the right services. With the additional, freely selectable Feature “Service Categories”, you can define the corresponding services for each ticket type, so that only these services are shown when customers choose a ticket type, thus helping them make a quick choice. You can also direct customer expectations more effectively with the feature “Field Selection Dialogue”, which is integrated in the OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged and shows a pop-up in the OTRS Customer Portal whenever a service is selected. The customer thus receives information about the corresponding SLAs or a short definition to see more quickly if he or she belongs to the customers that have booked this service. Is the services offer too diverse to be mapped with a queue structure or should more than one queue be assigned to a service? In this case you should use the additional, freely selectable Feature “Service Based Queue Routing”. It helps you define which queues service requests for a certain service should be processed in. Moreover, with OTRS you can create complex service catalogues including different SLAs with response, update or solution times, including when an escalation notification should be sent. Those who need more than the standard functionalities can suspend escalations with the additional, freely selectable Features “Escalation Suspend”, in case you’re waiting for customer feedback, or “Advanced Escalations”, which allows you to pause escalations and let them continue after a defined period. The OTRS Business Solution™ and the OTRS Business SolutionManaged allow call centers to offer a clearly structured and above all reliable customer service.



Make your customers happy with OTRS!