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Success in the e-commerce sector has long ceased to be solely based on product quality and price-performance ratio. The quality of your service is one of the main factors determining your success, and a smooth and easy purchasing and ordering process, good availability for customers, problem-free exchanges and easy follow-up orders all contribute to a positive buying experience and thus measurably increase the satisfaction of your customers. A high degree of customer satisfaction in turn provides you with long-term, recurring revenue thanks to repeat customers. Likewise, you increase the chances of customers recommending you to others and of receiving positive reviews on the Internet that strengthen your reputation and help you to win over new customers. The OTRS Business Solution™ is the right choice if you want to reach these goals, improve your customer communication and achieve new standards of quality with a solid process structure for your e-commerce company.




  • Easy customer communication via email, telephone and chat
  • Structured communication with personalized queues
  • A clear and intuitive user interface, comprehensive customer information and a preview of your products directly in OTRS
  • Automatic reminder function so as not to forget any customer inquiries
  • Self-service in the customer portal
  • Excellent integration with the surrounding software environment
  • Responsive design and SMS function for innovative mobile customer service
  • Process management for a better adherence to service quality
  • Automated work processes save work steps and time

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Service: A Success Factor for Your Online Shop

Good service pays off. Accompany your customers during the purchasing process and offer them advice and assistance along the way. Providing your customers with friendly and competent support in case of questions and problems creates a solid relationship of trust between them and your online shop. In addition, the provision of excellent services as a contact point between you and your customers makes it possible to compensate for the typical problems affecting online communication, such as geographical distance and the lack of personal contact.


Easily available for customers via email, telephone and chat


OTRS offers many possibilities for a smooth first contact. Incoming customer inquiries via email automatically create tickets that —together with the unique ticket number— give you an overview of the complete communication process between you, your customers and all departments involved. Telephone calls can be entered as telephone tickets and with the OTRS Business Solution™ you can expand the services of your e-commerce company thanks to the innovative chat function for customer communication. The ticket system allows you to be easy to reach for your customers and also creates an efficient overview for your agents.



OTRS Business Solution™ – Chat

Help Desk software OTRS Business Solution™ offers Queues as shared email inboxes

OTRS Business Solution™ – Queues



Queues for managing different shops and areas


Queues are similar to a mailbox —they allow incoming customer inquiries to be organized and allocated according to the individual application scenario. If, for example, you offer services for different web shops, you can assign a corresponding queue to each online shop. If you have one or more accounts on market platforms such as eBay, Amazon or Yatego, you can create a queue for each account and allocate all inquiries precisely. You can also create your queue structure according to your product groups or service types, e.g. questions regarding purchases, exchanges, follow-up orders, support inquiries, etc.




A complete overview for a perfect customer service


OTRS is clear and intuitive and allows you to take care of your customer inquiries in almost no time. In order to have on optimal overview of your customer inquiries, there is a wide range of ticket views so you can see all articles or only those that are relevant in a specific scenario. In addition, the OTRS Business Solution™ feature “Ticket Timeline View” allows you to display articles as a timeline with a strong focus on the communication process.

With OTRS you can collect customer data according to your individual needs. The OTRS Business Solution™ feature “Contact with Data” makes it possible to integrate an unlimited amount of data such as contact data or additional address information from external databases.

In e-commerce, product names and article numbers help you find the corresponding product for a support inquiry. OTRS offers an information floater for articles and dynamic fields that can display URLs in a preview window without having to leave OTRS. This allows support agents to quickly find product details or shipping information for a specific package number and keep customers up to date.

OTRS Business Solution™ Information Floater
OTRS Business Solution™ – Information Floater


Support Desk software OTRS Business Solution™ offers a Ticket Timeline View

OTRS Business Solution™ – Timeline View


Support Desk Software OTRS Business Solution™ offers a contact with data feature
OTRS Business Solution™ – Contact with Data




Support Desk software OTRS Business Solution™ offers a time accounting quota feature

OTRS Business Solution™ – Time Accounting Quota

The clock is ticking: OTRS helps you to answer customer inquiries quickly and never forget a single one


With a high work volume, emails in an inbox can be easily overseen and forgotten. OTRS gives you a solid overview no matter how many inquiries you receive. In addition to the various notifications of new inquiries, OTRS also informs you automatically after a predetermined time whenever a customer inquiry has still not been processed. Once you have resolved the issue, you can simply close the ticket and the inquiry is considered solved. You can also configure an individual reminder that will activate after the period you choose.

Another practical function is the possibility of measuring the time you need in order to resolve an inquiry. The timer runs automatically whenever you’re working and can be visualized in statistics or reports in order to improve your efficiency. The OTRS Business Solution™ feature “Time Accounting Quota” expands your OTRS with a useful time measurement function.


Problems solve themselves with the practical customer portal


Self-service portals are not only practical but also cost-saving. The OTRS customer portal enables customers to modify their customer data themselves, shows them the status and process of support inquiries, and much more. Additionally, you can provide your customers in the OTRS customer portal with FAQs containing initial information regarding frequently asked questions. This allows you to share useful information such as delivery options and times, your procedures for complaints and exchanges, and any other information you wish regarding your online purchasing system.


Support Desk software OTRS offers a Customer Portal with customized ticket forms

OTRS Business Solution™ – Customer Portal


Support Desk software OTRS offers an Knowledge Database Feature

OTRS Business Solution™ – FAQ


Integrate external databases and systems


OTRS can be seamlessly combined with your pre-existing e-commerce software. The OTRS Business Solution™ feature “Dynamic Field Database” makes it possible to integrate external databases from which you can e.g. use customer information for the OTRS database. The OTRS generic interface allows the integration of different systems on the basis of web services. This way, OTRS enables both a standardized and easy integration of existing systems, and the possibility of individually adapting these interfaces. Thanks to the connection with CRM solutions, you can categorize customers that contact you through OTRS according to inquiry type and then use these contacts for campaigns in the context of your customer loyalty strategy.


A step further: mobile customer service in e-commerce


The percentage of mobile traffic in the e-commerce sector is increasing every day. Already, more than 1.2 billion people currently use mobile devices to surf the net. Of course, the importance of mobile devices in e-commerce purchases is also rising continuously. In 2012, for example, 25% of all online purchases on Black Friday were carried out using smart phones and tablets. In addition, brand perception increases with an optimized mobile use and the devices used can also provide information about the purchasing power of the user. These are already sufficient reasons for adapting the services of your web shop to mobile end devices.

The current version of the OTRS Business Solution™ provides you with all the tools you need for smart-phone and tablet users, as its responsive design adapts to the corresponding display size and offers an optimal mobile user experience. Furthermore, with the OTRS Business Solution™ feature “SMS Notification System”, you can reach your customers anywhere directly on their mobile phones via SMS. The SMS function also provides you with support depending on the services you offer. For example, if you are carrying out repairs in situ for a customer, you can use the SMS function to communicate with service agents. Employees doing fieldwork can additionally benefit from the OTRS Business Solution™ feature “Agent Email Interface”, which allows you to work on tickets without having to log in to the OTRS agent interface. With easy commands between tags you can thus manage your OTRS via email. With OTRS as the basis for your e-commerce customer service, you can become a “first mover” and stand out with your services from among the crowd.

OTRS Business Solution™ – SMS Notifications und Responsive Design



Support Desk Software OTRS Business Solution™ offers an predesigned Onboarding process on the canvas interface

OTRS Business Solution™ – Prozess Management

Better service quality through structured and automated processes


Good service should feel easy for the customer, but it requires exact and clearly structured work steps for your customer service area. Only after you fully understand recurring processes, document them comprehensively and clearly, and follow these process steps can you create standards that contribute to maintaining your service quality. OTRS Process Management helps you to maintain the level of your service quality: Recurring tasks can be modeled as processes in the ticket system and thus allocated to different employees, who are automatically informed through tickets. This way, depending on the criteria met in each case, you can guide the process in different directions. With OTRS you can model processes such as purchasing, ordering, exchanging products, and carrying out follow-up orders in order to introduce the highest quality standards to your customer service.

Automation makes customer service work easier and more efficient


The OTRS Business Solution™ feature “Ticket Queue Selection” automatically recognizes specific keywords and allocates the tickets accordingly to the corresponding queue. With the response templates in OTRS you can respond quickly and easily to frequently asked questions about products or complaints, and order and shipping confirmations can also be processed rapidly and efficiently.

Support Desk Software OTRS offers response templates

OTRS Business Solution™ – Response Templates

Make customers happy with OTRS


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