Customer-specific Services

OTRS Feature Customer ID Service Assignmen


Target Groups

  • Internal IT departments
  • External IT service providers
  • Call Centers
  • Agencies
  • Consulting businesses
  • Companies offering a wide range of services or products


  • Efficient and well-structured administration of multiple services and SLAs for many clients
  • Avoid the creation of unwarranted tickets that stress out your service team
  • Optimal guidance for the customer regarding which services he or she can open a ticket for
  • Speed-up of ticket handling process


This feature makes it possible to assign services to CustomerIDs or CustomerUsers so that only the assigned service is displayed when a ticket is created in the customer portal and only the appropriate SLAs are valid.

After the installation two new options appear in the “Customer Management“ section in the Admin menu: CustomerID<->Service and CustomerUser<->Service. Here you can define which services should be assigned to a CustomerID (Customer Company) and/or CustomerUser within the same Customer Company. Furthermore, you can define in the Sysconfig which of these options should be the leading one.

Please Note

Before your first use, please make sure that you activate the “Services“ option in the Admin menu. Furthermore, the “CustomerUserSearchListLimit” option should be configured in the “CustomerUser“ section in the


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