Advanced Escalations


OTRS Feature Advanced Escalations for OTRS Help Desk software and OTRS IT Service Management software

Target Groups

  • Customer Service Organizations having many partners or suppliers
  • External IT Service Providers
  • Call Centers
  • Sales Departments & Sales Companies
  • Advertising or Communications Agencies


  • Even more flexible escalation management – individually adoptable to customer or SLA
  • More precise service time management by detailed indication of remaining time


The Advanced Escalations feature makes your escalation management more flexible and adjusts it according to your customers or to different Service Level Agreements. Escalation types defined in the OTRS standard such as “First Response Time,“ “Update Time,“ and “Solution Time“ can be enhanced by creating new types and defining your own names and properties.

The new “Ticket Escalation Types” option in the Admin section of OTRS enables you to define when escalations should:

  • start,
  • stop,
  • be suspended,
  • be resumed
  • and be restarted.

Ticket attributes, like its status or certain events like creating or answering a ticket, can be used as trigger. For example, an escalation can start when a ticket is created, is stopped, or when the ticket is answered by the agent. If the status of a ticket is changed to “Pending Reminder,” the escalation is suspended, but if the status is changed back to “open,” the escalation resumes. An up-to-date display of the escalation time left makes accurate service time management possible.

If the ticket status is changed to ‘pending reminder’, the escalation is paused. If the status is then changed to ‘open’ the escalation will continue. Whichever the case, the remaining time is always shown clearly, contributing to an even more precise service time management.

In the ticket view, the new widget [SRKS1] ‘Escalation Information’ appears. This shows with different colors and numerical values whether or not:

  • the escalation time is still within the original timeframe (green),
  • the escalation time will run out soon (yellow),
  • the escalation is paused (brown),
  • the escalation time has been reached, i.e. the ticket has escalated (red) or
  • escalation has been suspended or the ticket has been worked on during escalation (the window is no longer visible).

The new “Ticket Escalation Type Bundle” option enables you to assign newly created escalation types to different clients or Service Level Agreements.

The following scenarios can now be handled more flexibly with “OTRS Advanced Escalations”:

  • A customer requests a rework of a solution – the escalation must be adjusted.
  • To present a solution, more information is required from the customer – the escalation must be suspended.
  • A service technician can’t get into the building or has no free access to the machine that needs to be fixed – the escalation must be suspended
  • and many more!

Please Note

Not compatible with the following feature: Escalation Suspend


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