Escalation Suspend


OTRS Feature Escalation Suspend



Target groups

  • IT service management
  • Internal IT
  • Customer service/support


  • Minimizes unnecessary escalations
  • Enables precise time accounting
  • Provides greater flexibility through its configurable status


This feature not only makes OTRS an even better tool for solving problems quickly and shortening response times, it also provides greater precision when it comes to time accounting. If you need to pause an escalation, this feature will do the job perfectly. Escalation Suspend allows you to configure one or more statuses that will put one or more escalations (SLAs) automatically on hold. For example, if you are waiting for a 3rd party answer or for a process step to be carried out, this feature will give you more freedom by allowing you to stop the escalation countdown in the meantime. Removing the state will then reactivate the escalation(s) automatically, and the time left to process the ticket will be displayed once again.

This configurable status is basically a pause function for escalations, and the time that passes when it is active is not counted in the ticket’s resolution time. This provides greater time accounting precision.

Please note

This OTRS Business Solution™ Feature is incompatible with Advanced Escalations.


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