Ticket Allocation


This Feature makes OTRS Help Desk is also a suitable call center software

Target Groups

  • IT Service
  • Sales
  • Facility Management
  • Internal IT
  • and many more


  • Optimal degree of capacity utilization of your service team by automatic allocation of tickets
  • Simple handling of an increased number of tickets


Service organizations that need to handle a high number of tickets in a short time span and call centers that want to assign tickets automatically to staff members will both be excited about this new feature! New tickets are automatically assigned to agents with the smallest number of tickets to work on or to agents with suitable skills. Your service team will efficiently operate at full capacity and will be able to answer more tickets without feeling overburdened. This feature turns OTRS into a Call Center Software.

In the Generic Agent job configuration you can define the event that will trigger the ticket allocation. For example, the trigger could be the creation of a ticket, the reaching of a reminder time, or the closing of a ticket. Moreover, you can decide if only the ticket that triggered the event is allocated or if all relevant tickets are allocated to a specific agent.

You can also define which tickets are relevant. To avoid flooding your agents with tickets, you can restrict the number of allocated tickets per agent. Ticket ordering can also be configured with an additional “order module.“ By default, it is the ticket creation time, but you can also choose queue priority or service times. Additionally, a maximum number of allocated tickets per queue can be defined.

Last but not least, you can also create competence groups in order to react quicker on emergency tickets or to assign tickets to a team with special knowledge of tricky issues right from the start. By default the “Queue,“ “Priority,“ “Type,“ and “Group“ competences are active; however, you can also add “SLA“ and “Service“ in the Sysconfig.

Turn your OTRS into a Call Center software free of licensing costs.


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