Ticket Workflow


OTRS Feature Ticket Worfklows for OTRS Help Desk software

Target Groups

  • IT Service Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Internal IT


  • Enables the improvement of handling processes
  • Relieves the agents
  • Simplifies the data collection
  • Reduces error sources


The feature allows to easily define business workflow templates for common tasks. Workflow ‘task’ ticket can be dependent on any other task(s) in that workflow, giving a high level of control over the order in which tasks are completed. A task that is dependent on preceding tasks will not appear in the Queue until the preceding tasks are closed.

Each task ticket within a workflow can be predefined using these fields:

  • Queue
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Owner
  • Priority
  • Attachments

Individual tasks can be made dependent of another corresponding task within a workflow. This dependence means that tickets will only be shown in a queue when the dependent preceding ticket has changed to the status ‘closed’.

An agent can start a workflow through an existing ticket. The content of the original ticket will then be copied to all task tickets. All agents will have a quick overview of their tasks in their personal dashboard widgets.

Distinctive criteria:

  • No further workflows can be started within an existing workflow.
  • A task can be dependent of another task within a workflow.
  • Workflows can only be started in the agent frontend.

Please Note

This feature is also available for the OTRS::ITSM Module.


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