OTRS Business Solution™ Managed: Efficient Service Management in an incredibly attractive package

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Working with the OTRS Business Solution5s Managed will give you more time to fully focus on your customers. Don’t worry about software implementation, or software updates and security issues. Our experts will take care of it all! Enjoy a smooth and perfectly adjusted system that will help you work more efficiently and meet your customer needs.

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Why choosing a cloud-based
service management software?

Your benefits:

  • Administrative service and support
  • No hassle with software updates
  • Low initial investment
  • Fast implementation
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers
  • ITIL compliant
  • Flexible adaption to your growing business needs
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Work with OTRS Business Solution Managed  on your mobile devices 

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Some of our satisfied OTRS Business SolutionManaged customers

Satisfied OTRS customer Derby Cycle

Satisfied OTRS customer GMP Securities

Satisfied OTRS customer technology one

Satisfied OTRS customer Republic National Distributing Company

Success Story: Feldschlösschen

OTRS stands out due to outstanding functionality, usability and the low costs. We could implement OTRS after a short project phase and could use it productively very quickly. The Managed Service module convinced us, because a safe operation at low fixed costs is guaranteed. With the help of the OTRS Consulting Service changes and new functionalities could be implemented very flexibly.

Satisfied OTRS customer Feldschloesschen

Silvan Müller, Leader HR Services, Feldschlösschen



What are the hardware specs offered with OTRS Business Solution™ Managed?

The simple answer is: Enough – We take care of your system performance. If a hardware upgrade is needed we will handle this without extra charge. If the number of agents (users) grows significantly we will recommend an upgrade to a higher level of OTRS Business Solution Managed such as GOLD or PLATINUM.


How can my agents from the internal network use OTRS?

Agents can access your cloud based service management software OTRS Business Solution™ Managed via browser / http(s). On OTRS Business Solution™ Managed GOLD and PLATINUM we can also offer connectivity via VPN tunnel.

How do my customers access OTRS Business Solution™ Managed?

Your customers can create tickets in the OTRS customer portal via web, email or telephone.

Can I use Microsoft SSO with OTRS Business Solution™ Managed?

From OTRS Business Solution Managed GOLD upwards you might use SSO for the customer portal (not for the agent interface!). SSO in most cases is not recommended though as it limits access via public internet.

How can I connect internal applications like CRM, Active Directory and Mail servers to an external OTRS Business Solution™ Managed?

On OTRS Business Solution Managed SILVER you can connect 3rd applications using an encrypted SSL connection. To achieve this, applications must be accessible through internet, located in your DMZ or the connection can be established through a dedicated port-forwarding configured within your firewall. The best approach we will need to discuss with your technical contact person. For OTRS Business Solution Managed GOLD and PLATINUM we can setup a private Network (VPN).


Server Location

Can I run the server on premise, but OTRS engineers take care of the administration?

We can offer to operate OTRS Business Solution Managed on a server provided by you. In this case our engineers will be in charge of Operating System, Database and Application. You will have to provide hardware, certifications and connectivity including remote access for our service engineers. The preferred location is still our data center as we can control security and connectivity to guarantee highest performance.

Where will be the OTRS Business Solution™ Managed server located?

The default server location of our cloud based service management software OTRS Business Solution Managed is an ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany. We also operate a number of OTRS Business SolutionManaged servers in the UK. Other server locations can be arranged if required. There might apply additional charges on using custom server locations.


Will the internet communication be encrypted?

Yes, OTRS Business SolutionManaged will force encrypted https communication.

Does OTRS Business Solution™ Managed support PGP?

Yes, our cloud based service management solution OTRS Business Solution™ Managed has the possibility to sign and encrypt via S/MIME and PGP/GnuPG.

ISO 27001

How will you guarantee that our data is protected?

Our datacenter is ISO/IEC 27001 certified. This is the international standard on information security management. This security standard is designed for banking and government sector. Most likely you will not be able to fulfill such demanding security standards within your local network.

Initial Setup

Which consulting & training efforts do we need to calculate during an OTRS Business Solution™ Managed project?

The actual effort depends on the complexity of your project and processes you want to implement. A typical on premise OTRS Business Solution™ implementation will require 2 days of conceptual design + 1 day of key user training before you go live. The effort on training and consulting will become higher, if you plan to use the ITSM features like Change Management or Process Tickets. Roughly you can calculate based on our on premise OTRS Business Solution™ offering, deducting efforts on installation, configuration and administrator trainings. As a rule of thumb implementation effort on OTRS Business SolutionManaged is 50% of an on premise implementation.

What is the effort moving from on premise OTRS to OTRS Business Solution™ Managed?

A migration from OnPremise OTRS to our cloud based service management software OTRS Business SolutionManaged is included in the initial setup. There is no additional fee. Before we can agree on the migration we will need to review your actual OTRS Support Package.


OTRS Application Administration

How will the OTRS Application Administration be accounted?

Our engineers register the working time spent on your service requests. The time unit is minutes.

If the OTRS service engineers spend less than the included administration time within a month, will we credit points be accounted?

No. Our service engineers will solve your issues fast and efficient. An efficient solution should not cause negative credits for us, but be honored.

If our organization needs more hours than the included application administration, what will happen?

This is not likely to happen. In spite of that we will recommend to purchase additional training or consulting days once we register an exceeding need on support.

Admin & Root access

Can I have shell access to my OTRS Business Solution™ Managed?

We will not provide shell access with our cloud based service management solution OTRS Business Solution™. Configurations that need to be done on command line level you may request from our engineers.

Can I have access to the OTRS Administrator Module?

Yes, we may give you access to the Admin interface if requested.

Can I have access to the database?

By default no. From OTRS Business SolutionManaged GOLD upwards we can offer read access to the database, e.g. for reporting. This access needs to be agreed on case by case, as OTRS performance might be affected. For reporting purposes, we also can provide a database dump periodically. This copy will allow you to execute reporting queries locally, without affecting the performance of your production system.

Custom Modules

Can I order custom modules, skins, enhancements to be used with my OTRS Business Solution™ Managed?

Yes, but custom engineering work is not included in the monthly fee. We will charge such engineering works based on T&M. Future maintenance of custom modules will be charged by effort as well.

Can I use 3rd party modules with my OTRS Business Solution™ Managed?

Yes, if those modules passed positively our “OTRS verify” process. Nonverified modules will need to undergo our verification process. The code verification effort will be charged by T&M.

Transition out

Will my data be lost once the contract terminates?

Not at all. You will receive a copy of your database as well as your complete OTRS application, including configuration.

Is there an option to move my OTRS Business Solution™ Managed instance to a local server in the future?

Yes, you can move your application to a local server or 3rd party provider anytime. We will hand over a copy of your database as well as your complete OTRS application even before contracted period ends. Please be aware that you will have to pay your monthly fee until the contract ends.




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