OTRS Certification Program

Think OTRS. Be an Expert! Take the advantage of our certification program and be an OTRS native (speaker). The OTRS Academy offers the possibility to become a certified OTRS Admin.

Strengthen your knowledge, be an expert, think OTRS!

Certification Dates: OTRS certified Administrator

Start of exam: 5:30 pm
Duration of exam: 90 minutes

Dates in Europe

Date Location Language
Aug 31 Oberursel (near Frankfurt a.M.) / DE DE
Sep 21 Hamburg / DE DE
Oct 12 Straubing / DE EN
Nov 09 Oberursel (near Frankfurt a.M.) / DE DE
Dec 07 Straubing / DE DE

Dates in North America

Dates in Latin America

Date Location Language
Sep 15 Mexico City / MX ES

Dates in Asia

Date Location Language
Aug 12 Shanghai / China CN
Sep 09 Beijing / China CN
Oct 21 Shenzhen / China CN
Nov 11 Shanghai / China CN
Dec 09 Beijing / China CN


  • Our certificate supports your perception as an expert
  • It increases your reputation as a specialist
  • The certificate is a benefit for your references
  • It assures a standardized level of knowledge within the team

The certification costs $325 / 250€.

The exam lasts 90 minutes.

You have the possibility to take the test either in German or English.

Our exam consists both of multiple choice questions. With the multiple choice questions single and multiple answers are possible. The questions will be offered through an online platform. Depending on the difficulty level you receive between one and three points per question.

The following categories are part of the exam:

  • OTRS Terminology & Usage
  • OTRS Installation
  • Authorization Concepts
  • Administration Tasks
  • Implementing Business Logics (= PostmasterFilters, Generic Agents, event-based Notifications, ACLs)
  • Filesystem / Shell
  • Configuration (= Config.pm und SysConfig)
  • OTRS Process Management

Ideally, you attend the OTRS Administrator Training. We also recommend at least 6 months of experience as an OTRS Administrator.

Deadline for registration is one week prior to examination date.

You will be informed about your result via email. If your examination has been successfully completed you will receive your certificate a few days later by post.

Yes, you can retake the examination at any time and without any waiting period.

The certificate is always issued on the current OTRS release and will therefore not lose its validity.





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