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Try the cloud based service management software OTRS Business SolutionManaged for 30 days for free – no obligations!

You are only 4 simple steps away from your trial system



1. Log in with your OTRS-ID. If you don’t have an OTRS-ID yet sign up here.

2. Choose a domain name and click on “add OTRS Business SolutionManaged system”. Wait until all data is loaded and the notification pops up.

3. Click on the “configure OTRS Business SolutionManaged system” button to use the Wizard to setup your OTRS.

4. Follow the steps in the Setup Wizard.


What’s included in the free trial?

  • Access for 30 days to our state-of-the-art product OTRS Business SolutionManaged
  • Access to tutorial videos via e-mail
  • Many basic features such as ticket creation & ticket management, OTRS:ITSM Module, role & permission management and many more.
  • Exclusive OTRS Business Solution™ only Business Features such as chat, SMS notification, report generator, process templates or the Ticket Timeline View.
  • Freely selectable OTRS Business SolutionManaged Features such as Ticket Watchlist, Ticket Allocation or Time Accounting Quota and many more.
  • Please note: At the end of the trial period the OTRS Group will not keep your data and all personal information and settings will be deleted. By purchasing the OTRS Business Solution™ you will of course be able to continue working with your personal data and settings.


Online Demo of OTRS Business Solution™, OTRS Free and OTRS::ITSM Module

Take a sneak peek at the free OTRS Online Demo and try out the OTRS Business Solution™, OTRS Free and the OTRS::ITSM Module. The online demos are preconfigured to specific roles where you can assume the role of service agent, service manager, change manager (OTRS::ITSM only), or config item manager (OTRS::ITSM only), or experience OTRS through the eyes of your customers to get a complete impression of the software.

To assure an operational system, the online demo will be reset every 2 hrs. The reset process takes 10 seconds and the system will not be available for login during this period.

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The professional solution for your business with exclusive Business Features and freely selectable Features, providing a wide range of services and support.



OTRS Free with all free features, that are available after downloading the current release of the open source ticket system.


logo_OTRS_ITSM Module

The OTRS::ITSM Module is an improvement for your IT service management and needs to be installed together with OTRS Free.


Choose a role


Service Agent (2nd and 3rd Level)

As a 2nd or 3rd level service agent, you are part of the service & support organization and responsible for a certain group of objects or services. Incidents need to be classified and analyzed to provide the customer with an appropriate solution.



Service Manager

As a service manager, the system provides you with extended rights and control mechanisms in order to manage the service & support organization.



Change Manager (OTRS::ITSM only)

The Change Manager’s role is set up to enable you to create Change Management forms and workflows. NOTE: After the successful login please click on the icon “Change Manager” to proceed. From the Change Manager screen, you can click on New and apply a predefined template or create your own change request and workflow.



Config Item Manager (OTRS::ITSM only)

The Configuration Item Manager’s role is set up to enable you to manage the various Configuration Items in the CMDB. NOTE: After the successful login please click on the icon “Config Item” to proceed. From the “Config Item” screen, you can click on the various Class types and add new items or edit the configurations and see the version history of the item changes.




As a customer, you typically interact with the system by e-mail, telephone or customer web frontend. Recording incidents and service requests is as easy as classifying or tracking them.



Customer (OTRS::ITSM Module)

As a customer, you typically interact with the system by e-mail, telephone or customer web frontend. Recording incidents and service requests is as easy as classifying or tracking them.




Did the Online Demo of OTRS Free convince you?

Then you can download OTRS Free now free of costs and use it. Please note, that in this case we can not offer you professional services and support and can not answer your questions. However, at the download page you will find information about installation, system requirements as well as access to our public FAQs and our community forum on Facebook.

Curious about what the OTRS Business Solution™ can offer you?

In this case you will find here further information about how you can use the OTRS Business Solution™ in multiple ways in your organization, for example apart from the IT department also in the Human Resource department, in the Sales department, in Facility Management and many more areas. Improve the communication within your company as a whole with the OTRS Business Solution™ and our integrated services.


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