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Managed Help Desk as a carefree solution for a better Human Ressource service

As the leading brewery and the largest beverage retailer with 1300 employees in Switzerland the HR service of Feldschlösschen has to run smoothly. In the evaluation process of finding a suitable Help Desk system in respect to functionality and wide distribution and therefore investment protection, OTRS Help Desk left the field behind. Due to the Managed Service package, which guarantees a fast implementation and a carefree deployment, OTRS Help Desk was ready for operation after one month already. Since January 2012 OTRS Help Desk is also used in the areas of Sales Application and Gastroservice.

Satisfied OTRS customer Feldschloesschen


OTRS Solution

Managed OTRS


Tickets per month



Approx. staff using OTRS




Customer Requirements


  • Operated in ISO/IEC 27001 certified data center
  • Deployment by OTRS experts delivers from operative questions
  • Quick Go-Live within a month
  • Implementation with little training effort

Impact of Managed OTRS


  • A clear improvement of service quality
  • Strong improvement of transparency in the working process
  • Better controlling of quantity of orders / requests
  • Low fixed costs
  • No licence fees


Forum-Quote-icon Kopie

“OTRS stands out due to outstanding functionality, usability and the low costs. We could implement OTRS after a short project phase and could use it productively very quickly. The Managed Service module convinced us, because a safe operation at low fixed costs is guaranteed. With the help of the OTRS Consulting Service changes and new functionalities could be implemented very flexibly.”

– Silvan Müller, Director HR Services, HR Services Feldschlösschen Getränke AG –




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