Pricing of our OTRS Business Solution™ – A first class Help Desk Software, packed with exclusive Features and excellent Support

Enjoy a perfectly implemented ticket system, become an expert with our OTRS training seminars, and lean back thanks to our support team. We’ll take care of OTRS updates and any problems.

With the OTRS Business Solution™ you can expect…

…a proven all-rounder…

  • Basic Features with > 1,400 configuration possibilities
  • Business Features for the professional use of OTRS
  • Up to 44 Freely Selectable Features
  • Operation in high availability environments

…with a professional team

  • Consulting & Training by our experts
  • Customer support with guaranteed updates and reliable response and resolution times
  • Attractive discounts on individual developments, training courses, and additional consulting days

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Price US$ 4,995
4,995 €
US$ 9,995
8,595 €
US$ 29,995
23,995 €
Prices for initial Consulting & Implementation  from US$ 3,570
from 2,970 €
from US$ 7,140
from 5,940 €
from US$ 15,740
from 12,870 €

SMS Packages

Small Medium Large
SMS 10,000 20,000 50,000
Price  US$ 1,699
1,499 €
US$ 3,199
2,799 €
US$ 5,999
5,299 €

Services for the OTRS::ITSM Module

ITSM Consulting Package 1 day 3 days 5 days
ITSM Administrator Training 1 day 1 day
Additional Costs US$ 1,190
990 €
US$ 4,760
3,960 €
US$ 7,140
6,930 €

Discounts & optional services

Discount on Custom OTRS Developments 5% 10%
Discount on Migration of OTRS Custom Developments 5% 10% 15%
Discount on Consulting day-rate 20% 30%
Discount on Public OTRS Trainings 30% 60% 100% 
Scheduled On-site Consulting Visits  Optional Optional Optional
Individual OTRS Trainings On-site   Optional Optional Optional
Scheduled OTRS Environment and Performance Reviews   Optional Optional Optional


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