The Generic Interface of OTRS

An efficient and cross-process Service Management requires OTRS software solutions to be highly integrative to third party components like SAP, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Nagios or further ITSM solutions as ARS Remedy or HP Service Center. The Generic Interface boosts OTRS’ capability to be easily integrated with the existing IT environment based on web services and allows customization while reducing risks, time spent and costs to build and maintain interfaces.


  • Modular, configurable and easily expandable framework
  • No recurring adjustment costs when changing releases
  • Basic functionalities such as inbound and outbound mapping, queueing and debugging as well as rules and conditions for error handling
  • Easy combination of existing web services
  • Recyclability of existing connectors


  • Web services and SOAP/HTTP as standard transmission protocol, REST and JSON on request
  • Graphical debugger
  • Configurable Graphical User Interface for data mapping
  • Easy configuration of new web services by combining existing OTRS modules, without additional code

Mapping with the XSLT Mapping Module

With the release of OTRS 5, the XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) mapping module has been integrated.

Using this module it is possible to adapt incoming and outgoing data structures – to and from third party systems – to the OTRS data structures, without complex programming or Perl know-how. Only an XML file with mapping details is required.


Based on the GI framework the way to connect third party business applications is defined by designing connectors to manage all objects involved while taking the systems specific data structures into account. Existing Connectors are exclusively available for OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Business SolutionManaged customers. Need more information? Contact us!

The OTRS Solman Connector

The SAP connector allows synchronization transactions between OTRS and the SAP Solution Manager. A precondition is, that the deployed SAP Solution Manager is capable of communicating via web service. While OTRS solutions support the Service Desk and help to efficiently manage incidents of all kind as well as service requests, the SAP Solution Manager is typically used for SAP change management, i.e. software or configuration changes related to SAP only. This integration boosts process automation as it reduces manual processing in two different environments.

 Applying for a new SAP user account becomes a seamless and easy to manage process. The request and all required information will be documented in OTRS and automatically transferred to SAP via web service.

The connector arranges the transfer of detected data and generates a transaction within the SAP Solution Manager. Your Service desk and customers will both benefit from increased transparency..

OTRS baramundi Connector

The official OTRS baramundi Connector has been developed by OTRS AG and baramundi software AG. In order to ensure a professional implementation and the highest functionality, we offer it additionally to an OTRS Business Solution and OTRS Business SolutionManaged contract.

The OTRS baramundi Connector provides software and hardware data collected by the baramundi Management Suite and displays it within the OTRS CMDB for further Incident, Problem, and Request Fulfillment Management. Additionally, baramundi’s Inventory software is enhanced by the powerful and flexible helpdesk and IT Service Management Software OTRS.

  • Clearly arranged interface
  • Pre-configured mapping of data from baramundi client management software to standard definitions of OTRS Configuration Items (CIs). For example, hostname, operating system, LastUser, etc.
  • Taking over and updating existing links between clients, CIs or tickets
  • Automatic cronjob that regularly scans baramundi Management Suite for changes which is then updated in OTRS
  • Optional configuration of update frequency
  • Generic approach makes it possible to update CIs with SOAP and other tools since only mapping needs to be changed

MobyDick OTRS Connector

Efficient service management is not just a question of the ticketing software, but also of its integration with a telephone system. Whether you want to make calls with the OTRS ticketing software or you want to receive calls in OTRS and have it directly create a phone ticket for your customer – now it’s all possible with the MobyDick-OTRS Connector and the Voiceover-IP telephone system “MobyDick“ developed by our technology partner Pascom.

“MobyDick“ perfectly combines the heavy OpenSource telephone software “Asterisk“ with a comfortable and neat user interface. Starting with Enterprise functionalities such as Chat, Fax, CTI, and a Call Center Module, up to the seamless integration of mobile devices and a high availability cluster, the Voiceover-IP telephone system is all you’ve ever dreamed of. The MobyDick-OTRS Connector can be easily configured and is exclusively available for our OTRS Business Solution™ and OTRS Business SolutionManaged contract customers.



  • Can be installed as an ISO file on a virtual machine or on the server
  • Easy configuration in the OTRS Sysconfig by entering the MobyDick IP address and created REST user in MobyDick
  • Custom fields and length of phone number can be configured
  • Easy mapping of user names in OTRS and MobyDick by using the same Active Directory or identical names
  • New “Telephony“ menu in OTRS
  • All past calls at one glance in the Call History
  • Incoming caller is identified by OTRS and shown in the “Active Calls“ field and with one single click on the customer name you go to the Customer Information Center to create a phone ticket
  • Call directly from the OTRS Customer Information Center by clicking on the phone number in the customer information box
  • When using the MobyDick Client instead of OTRS the following features can be configured:
    • A call creates a new ticket automatically
    • A call opens the customer entry in the OTRS Customer Information Center
    • A call shows all tickets of the customer in the OTRS Customer Information Center
  • Minimum requirements:
    • OTRS 3.2
    • MobyDick 7.04


The FAQ Connector

An extensive knowledge database not only helps your agents work on customer requests even quicker but also enables the customer to find a solution without contacting the service desk directly. The knowledge database is not just accessible in your OTRS customer portal; the FAQ connector can be linked to your own webpage. Updates to articles in the knowledge database can immediately be seen by the client.

Ready-to-run Web Services

We offer OTRS connectors only in combination of an OTRS Business Solution™ contract or
an OTRS Business SolutionManaged contract. For the first time, in OTRS Business Solution5s and OTRS Business Solution5s Managed three selected connectors will be fully integrated in OTRS, and will therefore be ready to be used immediately without any additional development: The OTRS – OTRS Connector, the JIRA Connector and the Bugzilla Connector.

OTRS – OTRS Connector

OTRS to OTRS Connector
Enables the possibility to exchange information between different OTRS instances.

JIRA Connector

OTRS Jira Connector
Enables a linking of OTRS and JIRA. Issues can be created and updated in JIRA through OTRS.

Bugzilla Connector

Bugzilla OTRS Connector
Enables a linking of OTRS and Bugzilla. Bugs can be created and updated in Bugzilla through



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