What is a Help Desk software?

A Help Desk software such as OTRS – also known as Trouble Ticketing software or Service Desk software – helps service organizations collect manifold requests from their customers via phone, email, SMS, customer portal, etcetera in one system and route them to the correct service team or department using a queue. The request can be identified by its ticket number and the following communication can be assigned to this ticket as further articles. Compared to an ordinary email client system where every staff member has his or her own inbox, ticket systems like OTRS make it possible to answer customer requests from a central web-based platform, meaning that every service team member takes a ticket from the queue or gets assigned to it. Moreover, more service team members can work on one ticket without emailing it around. Reminder and escalation features ensure that no customer request is forgotten or solved too late. The optimization of work loads on service teams – even with a small number of staff members – is possible as well.

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What is an IT Service Management software?

An IT Service Management software such as OTRS::ITSM provides IT departments or IT service providers with a transparent and efficient way to answer customer requests. This includes sudden software or network incidents (Incident and Problem Management) as well as regular requests like password changes (Request Fulfillment Management) and planned changes such as software updates or the setup of a new work station (Change Management). To ensure a quick response to recurrent problems or incidents, every solved incident should be documented in a FAQ article (Knowledge Management). These can be used by service staff members as well as by customers.

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Features of the OTRS Help Desk software and the OTRS IT Service Management software

Graphic shows Features of the OTRS Help Desk software and the OTRS IT Service Management software

Benefits of the OTRS Help Desk software

Icon_PlusIncrease first call resolution by up to 30%

Icon_PlusMinimize call abandon rates by up to 50%

Icon_Plus Save 25% in administrative costs through self-service

Icon_Plus Resolve recurring incidents 95% faster

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Benefits of the OTRS IT Service Management software

Icon_Plus 50% faster roll-out time

Icon_Plus 75% decrease in downtime

Icon_Plus 95% gain in visibility into IT spend

Icon_Plus 30% increase in staff efficiency

Productbrochure OTRS::ITSM