Who uses the Support Desk Software OTRS?

Service Desk Agents

A good support desk software enables an agent to answer even a high amount of customer requests quickly, effectively and, above all, transparently. Features for structuring and automatization together with a clear overview are basic but important requirements that OTRS has brought to perfection, providing maximum flexibility and manifold configuration possibilities.

Clear overview and control with the agent dashboard

Maximum information and adaptability to your needs – That’s the essence of the agent dashboard of the open source service desk software OTRS. It’s composed of single widgets that can be rearranged, removed or added at any time. The top menu can also be organized via drag and drop. Above all, the OTRS agent dashboard offers the following features:

  • Overviews of new, open, watched, escalated or pending tickets, as well as running process tickets
  • Overviews that can be filtered flexibly according to priority, escalation time, SLA, service, type, etc.
  • Overview of and subscription to queues and services you want to get email notifications from
  • Email notifications about new tickets and changes, enabling work outside of the agent interface
  • Ticket lock and unlock feature to prevent two agents from working on a ticket at the same time
  • Clear and traceable assignment of owners and individuals responsible for working on tickets
  • Currently supports 36 languages
  • Out-of-office feature and visualization of agents that are away
  • Powerful search feature
  • 7-Day statistics
  • Further statistics on number of tickets and processing time
OTRS Business Solution™ – Dashboard

The upgrade for your business

OTRS_Business_Solution_w-Ticket_Timeline_View-2OTRS Business Solution™ – Ticket Timeline View

With the OTRS Business Solution™ as your professional support desk software solution you can also use the freely selectable features.

Transparent recording of customer requests and effective teamwork with tickets and queues

OTRS Business Solution™ – Ticket View

All customer requests transparently saved in one place – A support desk software, aka ticket system, such as OTRS works like a shared email inbox that all employees can access in order to work on incoming customer requests according to their permission rights. Customer requests can also be resolved together as a team. If the corresponding colleague is sick or on holiday, a follow-up request from his or her customer won’t get lost in the employee’s personal email inbox and any other colleague can answer the request professionally, as all former communication is stored in the ticket. Thanks to the unique and identifiable ticket number (that should be kept throughout the communication process) every follow-up message can be assigned to the corresponding ticket. OTRS offers you the following features:

  • Configurable email and phone ticket masks
  • WYSIWYG editor to format and embed pictures
  • Auto-complete search when entering a recipient
  • Features for splitting, merging, forwarding, watching and closing tickets, as well as changing the owner, the employee responsible and the queues
  • Clear ticket history
  • Add dynamic fields
  • Pending Reminder feature
  • Internal notification feature for working in teams
  • Flexible administration and creation of text and response templates as well as signatures
  • Automatic response feature
OTRS Business Solution™ – Response Templates
OTRS Business Solution™ – Attachment Overview

The upgrade for your business

With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following Business Features, as well as the freely selectable features, you can enhance your OTRS support desk software to a professional level.


Knowledge management and self-service – With the OTRS FAQ feature

Knowledge documentation and customer self-service made easy – The free OTRS “FAQ” feature offers the possibility of documenting incident solutions and service desk agent know-how, and of having those entries reviewed and rated by others. To offer self-service to customers, thus taking a load off your service desk, the FAQ articles can also be displayed in the OTRS Customer Portal or on any other website using the free FAQ connector. OTRS offers you the following functionalities:

  • FAQ articles can be created, reviewed, released and enhanced with attachments
  • Support for translations
  • Clear history of changes
  • Rating feature for quality assurance
  • Linking of FAQ articles with tickets and services to quickly send a solution
  • Full-text search to find FAQ articles faster
  • Define different categories to restrict access for certain user groups
OTRS FAQ Feature


All customer information and open tickets at one glance – The OTRS Customer Information Center

OTRS Business Solution™ – Customer Information Center


Make your customer the center of your attention with the OTRS support desk software and the integrated OTRS Customer Information Center as your customer database. It will not only save and display all customer information clearly and effectively but also enable you to assign several customer users to one customer company and get an overview of all open and closed tickets of any customer company. OTRS supports you with the following features:

  • Standard form that can be flexibly expanded with dynamic fields to record customer information
  • Assignment of several customer users to customer company entries to map all employees of a customer company
  • Overview of all tickets of a customer company
  • Define a password for the customer to access the OTRS Customer Portal
  • Auto-complete search for customer company and customer users
  • Linking and visualization of other search profiles, for example, all systems or software a customer uses


Efficient automatization and business processes – OTRS Process Management

Create efficient and clear processes in your company and increase productivity and work quality across departments. The open source service desk software OTRS offers you with OTRS Process Management the possibility to design your own processes on the Canvas interface, enrich them with a wide range of automatization actions and put them to work. Process tickets can be created with configurable forms and routed through several process steps involving different departments. This makes approval processes as well as complex ordering processes more coordinated and, therefore, faster. In addition, OTRS also offers the following automatization features:

  • Event-based Generic Agent for moving tickets into queues, changing the status or sending
  • automatic email notifications
  • Postmaster filter to move tickets into queues according to keywords in the subject
  • Ticket Bulk feature to process a large amount of tickets with one click
  • Master Slave feature to process changes in the master ticket in assigned slave tickets as well
  • Automatic creation and follow-up from SMS alerts
  • Process templates for organizing sick notes and requests for leave
OTRS Business Solution™ – Process Management Canvas Interface

The upgrade for your business

The OTRS Business Solution™ and the following freely selectable features, take you one step further in automatizing your OTRS support desk software:

This Feature makes OTRS Help Desk is also a suitable call center software

OTRS Feature Ticket Worfklows for OTRS Help Desk software

OTRS Feature Advanced Generic Agent



Define service catalogues more flexible – Service and SLA lifecycle management with OTRS

OTRS Business Solution™ – SLA Management


No two customers are alike, and today’s service organizations have to offer more than just one service to their customers. The OTRS Service Management Software makes it possible to create different service catalogues, therefore enabling a flexible and clear SLA management with escalations and mechanisms for pre-warning. The following features are integrated into OTRS or can be added as an OTRS Free Feature:

  • Hierarchical mapping of all active services including quality and prices
  • Drive escalations based on SLAs instead of queue-based escalations
  • Assign a working time calendar to define Service Level Windows and availability
  • Define time spans such as escalation time, response time, resolution time, update time and minimum time between incidents to allow OTRS to automatically track your SLAs
  • SLA reporting with OTRS::ITSM Free Feature “Service Level Management”


OTRS Feature Escalation Suspend

OTRS Feature Customer ID Service Assignmen

OTRS Feature Service Categorie

The upgrade for your business

With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following freely selectable features, you can professionalize escalation management and the features of your service catalogue within the OTRS support desk software:






Create a mobile service desk – With the fully responsive design

Since version 5 of OTRS you can answer customer requests wherever you are directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop – no matter what your operating system is – and without the hassle of installing and updating any extra apps.


  • Smart Slide-In Menu navigation
    Seamless adaptation to different screen sizes
  • Flexible switching between desktop and mobile view
  • A “restore last view” option

Responsive_Design_OTRS Business Solution™ Phone_Dashboard

Responsive_Design_OTRS Business Solution™_Phone_Menu_links


Accurate time accounting and management of working time – With the OTRS TimeAccounting feature


OTRS Business Solution™ – Customer Time Accounting Quota

Offer your service desk agents the possibility of recording the time spent resolving a customer request directly in the ticket. The OTRS Free Feature “OTRS Time Accounting” of the open source service desk software OTRS offers you the following benefits:


  • Flexible definition of activities and projects according to your needs
  • Automatically lock records to prevent manipulation after an offset
  • Seamless frontend integration for your service agents
  • Vacation and sick leave management



The upgrade for your business


With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following freely selectable feature you can get the best out of your time accounting.





Clear service asset & configuration management – With the possibility of adding a CMDB

OTRS Business Solution™ – CMDB

An additional database for your configuration items such as hardware, software or even a car pool or repairing tools – With the open source service desk software OTRS and the OTRS Free Feature “General Catalogue” you can manage all your products clearly within the OTRS CMDB and keep them intimately connected with the services you offer for them. OTRS structures your Service Asset & Configuration Management with the following functionalities:

  • Arranging CIs in attributes and classes
  • Individually adaptable states
  • Creation of dependencies between CIs, Services, SLAs, Users, etc.
  • Chronological CI lifecycle management
  • Logging of all configuration changes of CMDB/CMS data
  • Location and user management of CIs
  • Integration of the ITIL processes mapped in the system
  • Tagging of status with colors
  • Rule-based change of states in the service catalogue based on the CI state

    The upgrade for your business

    With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following freely selectable feature you can manage your CIs even better:





    Well-structured and efficient maintenance and updates – With the OTRS Change Management feature

    OTRS Business Solution™ – CMDB

    Simplify and standardize recurring updates, changes and maintenance actions, not only for hardware and software! The OTRS Service Management Software and the OTRS Free Feature “OTRS Change Management” offer you –from change templates to pre-defined work orders– the perfect basis for faster and more efficient maintenance and updates. The following features will improve your Change Management:

    • Standardized acceptance, categorization, planning, approval and execution of all changes
    • Change Templates
      Chronological organization of tasks
    • Audit-proof history of changes and work orders
    • Overview of states of changes and work orders
    • Support for parallel work orders
    • Management of all relations and links
    • Two separate views for creating changes and work orders from scratch or from a template


    Perfect and versatile integration via web services – The Generic Interface of OTRS

    OTRS Business Solution™ – Generic Interface


    No single tool can manage everything. That’s why it should be open for integrating external third party systems to achieve optimal operation in a heterogeneous IT landscape. The open-source core of the OTRS support desk software and the OTRS Generic Interface offer the ideal prerequisites for integrating CRM, ERP, CTI and other systems. OTRS offers you the following possibilities for integration:

    • Usage of multiple customer databases
    • LDAP integration
      Recognition of external ticket numbers of other ticket systems
    • Reception of emails with POP3/TLS connections
    • Create web services based on HTTPS/REST or SOAP
    OTRS Business Solution™ – Dynamic Field Database

    The upgrade for your business

    With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following Business Feature, as well as our connectors, you can easily integrate a wide range of solutions or databases:




    Customers of a service organization want to be able to submit their requests in as many ways as possible, e.g. email, phone, chat, SMS etc., and they expect a quick reaction and solution. The support desk software OTRS allows your customer to contact you in all these ways. To prevent time-consuming follow-up calls, OTRS offers your customers not only a look at the status of their request in the integrated OTRS Customer Portal, but also the option of providing customer feedback.

    Precise recording of customer requests and insight into their status – With the OTRS Customer Portal

    OTRS Business Solution™ – Customer Portal


    Offer your customers the possibility to submit their request with as much detail as possible, as well as to define the priority of the request and the corresponding service by using accurate forms. The integrated OTRS Customer Portal gives your customers insight into the status of the request and its progress in order to significantly reduce the number of follow-up calls and thus relieve your service desk. The support desk software OTRS and the integrated OTRS Customer Portal offer you the following features in this area:

    • Individual templates to easily record data and provide further classification
    • Customers can create and manage their requests via web access
    • Browser-based access to own customer web frontend
    • Real-time check of status tickets and their progress as well as the process history


    OTRS Business Solution™ – Field Selection Dialog


    The upgrade for your business

    With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the integrated Business Features, as well as the following freely selectable features, you will offer your customers even more possibilities in the OTRS Customer Portal.




    Be available for clients in every way – Record requests via email, phone, SMS, etc., with OTRS

    With the OTRS Service Desk software customers can send their request via email, sms or phone
    One inbox for all customer messages



    Customers want to submit their requests wherever they are and as conveniently as possible. For this reason, open source service desk software OTRS offers a wide range of options and the incredible advantage that, regardless of the form, the request is collected and stored within the ticket system. OTRS supports incoming customer requests in the following ways:

    • Ticket creation via web, email, phone, fax, PDA, SMS or SOAP/XML
    • Queue-based definition of recipient and sender addresses
    • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) support
    OTRS Business Solution™ with Chat


    The upgrade for your business

    With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following integrated Business Feature you are able to offer your customers interactive customer service



    Direct customer feedback after closing the ticket – The OTRS survey feature


    Offer your customers the possibility to evaluate your service after you have solved the problem – With the OTRS Free Feature “Survey”, an automatic email is sent to the customer after he or she has closed the ticket requesting an evaluation of the service he or she has just received. The result is charted clearly for you in OTRS. With the following features, OTRS gives you insight into your customers’ feedback:


    • Assigning queues for which the survey will be used
    • Add questions and classify their type, e.g. radio box, checkbox and free text area to allow a customer to provide open feedback
    • Survey notification automatically sent by email if a ticket is closed
    • A Survey Result Graph provides a snapshot of the current survey analysis report
    • Grant managers access to the survey by assigning the appropriate permissions



    Managers and employees responsible for tickets need a clear overview of ticket numbers and the time spent working on them on an hourly basis in order to plan accurately and react quickly to trends. In addition to a sophisticated statistics feature, OTRS also enables complex permission management and an audit-proof storage of ticket information. Due to the adaptable queue concept, OTRS can also be used in other, non-IT, departments, improving the communication and business processes of your company as a whole.


    Informative statistics at one glance on an hourly basis – The OTRS Management Dashboard


    OTRS Business Solution™ – Statistics



    Offer your managers and corresponding employees the perfect overview – With the OTRS Management Dashboard of the support desk software OTRS you can add pre-configured statistics as widgets to your Agent Dashboard, providing you with an hourly overview of the amount of tickets in queues or services. The OTRS Management Dashboard offers you the following features:


    • Create and configure statistics flexibly
      Different types of diagrams (pie chart, pillar, graphs)
    • Pre-configured stats on number of tickets in queues and in the system
    • Pre-configured stats on most time-consuming tickets, or sorting of tickets according to solution and response time
    • Extensive reporting on services and SLAs
    • Specific rights to use the dashboard

    The upgrade for your business

    With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following freely selectable feature, your statistics become even more meaningful:

    OTRS Feature Extended Ticket Stats




    A communication system for all departments – Thanks to the OTRS queue concept

    OTRS Business Solution™ – Queues

    Revolutionize communications in your company as a whole with only one system – The OTRS support desk software and its adaptable queue concept allows you to use it for communication in every department and in all of your subsidiaries all over the world. With this concept, queues can represent the inboxes of single departments or subsidiaries that can have their own email addresses, where different sub-queues can be configured as well. The OTRS queue concept provides the following advantages:

    • Only one system for all departments
    • Cost-saving
    • Configuration of an endless number of sub-queues
    • Efficient permission management
    • Mapping of subsidiaries
    • The possibility of shared services



    Differentiated and flexible permission management – With the “group and role” concept of OTRS






    Transparency is good, but a sophisticated and flexible permission management system is even better. Too much information from too many sources can be distracting and, in addition, information may sometimes have to be restricted in certain areas, for example due to data policies. The open source service desk software OTRS with its integrated group and role concept offers a way to determine access to information in great detail. Queues and agents are assigned to groups, and in each group you can individually define the read and write permissions for every agent, thus enabling advanced permission control that is easy and effective.

    For more complex scenarios, OTRS also enables you to assign a role to an agent outside his or her assigned group and to add groups to different roles. This is an important benefit when agents need permissions for a queue across departments or locations. OTRS supports your permission management with the following features:

    • Separate web frontends for service staff, customers, administrators and public users
    • Roles and group-based access management for all web frontends
    • Authentication of agent and customers against LDAP directories as well as RADIUS servers
    • Access Control Lists
    • Single Sign-Ons
    OTRS Business Solution™ – ACL Management


    The upgrade for your business

    With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following freely selectable feature you can expand your access management:

    OTRS Feature Restrict Customer Data View for the OTRS Help Desk Software



    Audit-proof documentation and information storage – OTRS Tickets cannot be deleted

    OTRS Business Solution™ – Ticket Attachment Search


    A communication system that is auditing-proof – With the OTRS support desk software you can be sure that no ticket will ever get lost or deleted. Unlike insecure email systems, it is not possible to delete tickets in OTRS. Additionally, an integrated attachment search makes searching for saved documents as easy as can be. OTRS provides the following advantages in this area:

    • Audit-proof storage of important documents as ticket attachments
    • Tickets cannot be deleted
    • Integrated search for attachments
    Business Solution™ – Article Attachment View


    The upgrade for your business

    OTRS Feature Deleting Attachements for OTRS Help Desk software and OTRS IT Service Management software


    With the OTRS Business Solution™ and the following integrated Business Feature as well as the freely selectable feature you can free your system of attachments that are no longer needed:








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