OTRS as a reliable and flexible IT Service Software

Whether it is for internal or external IT Service Management, you will need an IT service software that collects all IT service requests in one single system – transparently and accessible for all IT staff members – and thus making the reply a lot easier and clearer. If required, this software should furthermore be able to support ITIL conform working processes, such as Service Asset & Configuration Management, Knowledge Management, and Change Management . OTRS meets both requirements in the most flexible way, without creating unnecessary complexity or limitations of any kind. Thanks to the ITIL® V3 compliant OTRS::ITSM Module, you can step by step establish ITIL processes in your organization and also reverse their implementation later, just as you like – without having to change the software dramatically. Besides ITIL conformity, OTRS also offers a lot of helpful features that will make your IT service management work much more efficiently, while giving you a better overview and increasing the satisfaction of your internal or external customers.

Your benefits:

  • Transparent and role- or group -based processing of incidents and requests
  • Comprehensive service catalogs and SLAs
  • Database for customer information and configuration items (CMDB)
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Knowledge Database
  • Process design for further automation and special IT processes
  • Easy integration of system monitoring and inventory solutions
  • Flexible extension with additional features
  • Specifically tailored to your needs by our experts
  • Also available as a fully managed cloud-based solution saving you IT resources


We were convinced by OTRS’ extremely efficient, stable and adaptable ticketing system. In our company we are using the cloud version OTRS::ITSM Gold and we are continually surprised by the reliability and speed of the software. It would be very hard to keep pace with OTRS using an in-house solution.

Satisfied OTRS customer Excelitas

Stefan Goerke, IT Infrastructure Manager at Excelitas

Clear and efficient Incident and Request Fulfillment Management – With the OTRS Agent Interface and the Customer Chat Feature

OTRS Business Solution™ – Dashboard

Say goodbye to To-Do task lists in Excel, outlook folders and email contact lists and start answering incidents and IT requests more quickly and transparently. OTRS Business Solution™ offers not only a user-friendly customer chat feature that will help you to operate your Request Fulfillment Management in a more immediate and interactive manner but also a Facebook-inspired Ticket Timeline View that will give you a better overview of longer conversations.


OTRS Business Solution™ – Ticket Timeline view

Freely configurable response templates, auto-responses, and text modules can be created and edited easily with the WYSIWYG editor. Besides, it is possible to enclose attachments. This way, agents are not only able to answer more quickly, but their responses to the requests will also appear according to the corporate design of the customer. Text modules can be categorized with the additional, freely selectable feature “Categories for Text Modules“. An automatic setting of ticket statuses according to the selected response template is possible thanks to the feature “State Preselection based on Response Templates“. Last but not least, the “Pending Reminder” Feature helps you to better organize your tasks. With OTRS Business Solution™ as your IT service software, you always keep track of your IT requests.

Support desk software OTRS Business Solution™ offers a Chat

OTRS Business Solution™ – Chat

As IT service management software, OTRS offers you the collection and transparent processing of incidents in one central system. Thanks to automatic or manual routing, requests are submitted directly to the right teams that have a corresponding role- or group-based read or write permissions. Furthermore, they can be defined as the owner or responsible for a ticket, work parallelly on one task via Ticket Split Function or make internal notes to assist each other. The Ticket Lock Function prevents simultaneous work of two agents on the same ticket and the seamless email integration enables the agent to stay up to date on new, open, reminder or escalated tickets while getting automatic email notifications without logging into the system. The number of notifications you receive can be adjusted in personal settings. As OTRS works with clearly identifiable ticket numbers, each follow-up notification is assigned to the original ticket and permanently archived in an audit-proof manner. Furthermore, it is displayed as a separate article within the ticket, so in case a colleague gets sick, the replacement gets a perfect overview of the ticket status and of all past communication that took place. This way you can be sure that no incident gets lost in personal email accounts.

All eyes on the customer – With the OTRS Customer Portal and the OTRS Customer Information Center


OTRS Business Solution™ – Customer Portal

If you rely on OTRS as your IT service software, your customers are able to use their own customer portal where they can accurately categorize and describe their incidents and service requests using input masks previously defined by you and your team. This helps you to answer IT requests more rapidly and gives your customers the possibility to easily check the current status of their request. The number of follow-up calls or emails can, therefore, be reduced considerably helping you to process more customer requests in the same amount of time. Users of a customer company can also see other IT requests that have been created by their colleagues, thus preventing repetitive user reports about the same incident. Customer requests via chat are also created in the OTRS Customer Portal.


OTRS Business Solution™ – Field Selection Dialog

With the help of the additional, freely selectable feature „Ticket Forms“ you can not only create and edit forms and tickets masks shown in the OTRS Customer Portal and on the OTRS Agent Interface but also hide or display certain dynamic fields. Extend your OTRS Customer Portal with the additional, freely selectable features „CIs in Customer Frontend“ or „Customer-Specific Services“ that enable you to either display all Configuration Items (CIs) of a specific customer in the OTRS Customer Portal or to only show those services that are actually relevant to the customer in that moment. Moreover, you can guide you customer’s expectations by showing them a pop-up window with additional SLA information when requesting a special service, using the integrated feature “Field Selection Dialogue“. This feature is also thought to assist your customers in case they choose a service they have not ordered.


OTRS Business Solution™ – Customer Information Center

Thanks to the OTRS Customer Information Center, the agent gets a perfect overview of the data of one or several customer companies as well as of their assigned customer users (members of the same company) and of their new, open, escalated, pending or closed tickets. An auto-complete search helps you to quickly find the right customer data. With the additional, freely selectable features “VIP Customer“ and “Customer Activity Widget“ you can not only mark your most important customers but also create a special overview of their open or pending tickets in form of a dashboard widget. Check your customers’ satisfaction regularly with the OTRS Survey Feature that helps you to create surveys for every queue, presenting the results in an attractive design. If you are working for external customers, you might be interested in using the additional, freely selectable feature “Time Accounting Quota“. This feature gives you the option to assign several time quotas with invoice numbers to certain customers within the OTRS Customer Information Center. The time quota gets reduced every time a certain working time unit is recorded within a ticket. Customers can track the remaining time quota in the OTRS Customer Portal.

OTRS Business Solution™ – Customer Time Accounting Quota

Automated and process-based Problem Management with the OTRS Process Management and Ticket Workflows

Clear processes and automation do not only facilitate your problem management but also protect you against errors or against the severe consequences of omission and neglect. OTRS as IT service software offers you a lot of small and helpful automation possibilities, such as bulk actions that enable you to answer or close multiple tickets at a time with just one click.


OTRS Business Solution™ – Bulk Action

Furthermore, the software provides you with automatic event-based notifications that inform a group of agents about an upcoming escalation, or with actions that automatically shift tickets in another queue, so you can work even more effectively. You can choose to create complex IT processes on the Canvas Interface of the OTRS Process Management or use linear ticket workflows with the additional, freely selectable feature Ticket Workflow. Whether it is about approvals, automatically starting follow-up processes or easy routing of a service request from 1st to 2nd or even to 3rd level support – OTRS will make your IT processes run more smoothly and transparently.


OTRS Business Solution™ – Process Management “Inhouse Repair”

With the additional, freely selectable feature “Specific Ticket Notifications“ agents can create their own automatic notifications to stay up to date on all modifications that are made on a ticket. In addition to that, agents have the option to use the Feature „Ticket Watchlist“ to monitor the solving of a problem. The highly sophisticated reporting function of the IT service management software OTRS offers a flawless and graphically appealing reporting about how fast problems could be solved or about the number of incidents that occurred in certain queues.


OTRS Business Solution™ – Statistics

Extensive integration possibilities to inventory or system monitoring software as well as to other ticket systems with the OTRS Generic Interface


OTRS Business Solution™ – Generic Interface

With the OTRS Generic Interface, OTRS offers numerous integration possibilities via web services based on REST and SOAP protocols. What is more, OTRS Business Solution™ contract customers also enjoy access to pre-designed OTRS Connectors to integrate, for example, the inventory software baramundi or system monitoring solutions like Nagios or IBM Tivoli. This way, even BMC Remedy or the Asterisk-based Voice-over-IP telephone system MobyDick can be integrated without any problem. In case you only want data from external databases to be displayed, stored and updated in a ticket, the integrated OTRS Business Solution™ feature “Dynamic Field Database“ offers you a simple and effective solution. Make the IT service software OTRS the core of your IT service management.

Support Desk software OTRS Business Solution™ offers an dynamic field database feature

OTRS Business Solution™ – Dynamic Field Database

Get changes done clearly and effectively – With the OTRS::ITSM Module and the Change Management Feature

Support Desk software OTRS offers a Change Management module

OTRS Business Solution™ – Change Management

A successful change management benefits from good planning, clear overview and an effective managing of work orders. With the “Change Management” Feature integrated into the OTRS::ITSM Module, OTRS as IT service software not only offers you the possibility to create change templates and guidelines for processing but also provides you with a graphical overview of the corresponding work orders. If the processing of a work order takes longer than planned, all following work orders automatically get rearranged, without changing the time intervals that were set between them. Moreover, work orders can be linked to corresponding tickets, CIs, services or even knowledge base articles, and current or past change processes can be monitored or reviewed without any problems. If several tasks need to be done simultaneously, the OTRS Change Management Feature not only helps you to handle this request professionally but even supports the creation of a Change Advisory Board (CAB).


OTRS Business Solution™ – Change Management with linked CIs

Flawless and coherent Service Asset & Configuration Management with the OTRS CMDB Feature


OTRS Business Solution™ – CMDB

With the “Configuration Management” Feature integrated in the OTRS::ITSM Module, OTRS offers you an extensive configuration management database (CMDB) in which you can capture and administer all your configuration items (CIs) such as hardware, software, network components and drivers, using a system of variable and hierarchical CI classes. As IT service software OTRS also supports the linking between CIs as well as to tickets, services, SLAs and customer users. Finally, the additional, freely selectable feature “CI Custom Search“ enables you to search for all CIs that have been assigned to a certain customer user. With OTRS as IT service management software you get extensive CI lifecycle management as well as real-time monitoring of CIs, so can constantly evaluate the status of changes and change requests.


OTRS Business Solution™ – CMDB

Dynamic and integrated Knowledge Management – With the OTRS FAQ Feature


OTRS Business Solution™ –  FAQs

An extensive and constantly updated knowledge management database is one of the key components of an efficient and sustainable IT service management. On the one hand, it reduces unnecessary, additional work, because your agents do not have to deal with repetitive requests concerning incidents that are known and have already been solved, on the other hand, it assists the customer in solving problems independently, thus reducing the number of IT requests submitted to you. With the free of charge „FAQ“ Feature, OTRS offers you everything you need for a dynamic and integrated knowledge management: a ready-to-use knowledge database that offers hierarchically structured solution categories and the option of continuously editing and improving FAQ articles with the help of detailed approval processes, the possibility to carry out user ratings as well as an indexed full text search and direct access to the knowledge database from the dashboard, the menu and all ticket overviews. Include FAQ articles within your ticket replies or link them to tickets, so colleagues can later understand how you solved a certain problem. OTRS Ticket Connector gives you the possibility to display all FAQ articles in the OTRS Customer Portal or on any other website, letting you help your customers to help themselves.


OTRS Business Solution™ – FAQ Search

Multifaceted Service Level Management and advanced Access Management


OTRS Business Solution™ – SLA Management

With the IT service software OTRS you can create complex service catalogs with different SLAs that include timeframes for selection, update, and solution of an incident as well as time limits for escalation notifications or warnings. Moreover, OTRS offers you to use the freely, selectable features “Escalation Suspend“ and “Advanced Escalations“. These two features allow you to suspend escalations, for example if you are waiting for a customer’s feedback, or to pause them and let them re-start after a previously defined period of time. In case you are offering a wide range of services the additional, freely selectable feature “Service Based Queue Routing“ enables you to assign various queues to a service and to automatically route service requests to the corresponding queues. As IT service management software OTRS also offers you the possibility to create complex Access Control Lists (ACLs) with the help of a clearly structured editor. This way you can not only assign permission rights to a certain user, but also define, which type of information should be displayed for the agent – for example in ticket masks – and which should not. Last but not least, it is possible to use both, single sign-on and authentication of agents and customers against LDAP directories as well as RADIUS servers.


OTRS Business Solution™ – Graphical ACL Editor

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